Charles and Caroline Glessing had eleven children, (many of them were given pet names, Caroline herself being called 'mouche' the French for 'mouse' because she was so tiny):
M1/5.[4]a Charles John May, nicknamed 'Charlie', born 2nd.July, 1863(?). He married   Sarah Chase.

Both Doris and Phillip remembered that Charlie had his own restaurant in London and Phillip also recalled that he had been a very good amateur boxer.  He probably died in the 1930's.

Charles John May born between 1862-1863, Dalston, London
Census: 1871, White Lane: aged 8 years from Dalston [Source: 1871 Census via Beryl Johnson 1999]
M1/5.[4]b Caroline Amelia May, born 1864(?), died as an infant.
M1/5.[4]c Caroline Amelia May, born 1865(?), died young.
M1/5.[4]d Albert Alexander  May, born 1867, died 1910, married Sally ?(?)
[Source Civil registration] Born between 1862 - 1863, Sheffield [Source: Census 1881 - CD]
Address (Facts Page) 1: 1881, 31, Alexandra Road, Croydon, Surrey, aged 13.
Address (Facts Page) 2: About 1867, Sheffield
Address (Facts Page) 3: About 1869, Ecclesfield
Address (Facts Page) 4: About 1873, Reading
Address (Facts Page) 5: About 1875, Redhill
Census 1: 1871, White Lane, aged 3 years from Sheffield. [Abel] [Source: 1871 Census via Beryl Johnson 1999]
Census 2: 1881, 31, Alexandra Road, Croydon, Surrey.

M1/5.[4]e Grace Rebecca May, born on 12th.February, 1868 and died 18th.September,1912 at Thames Ditton, England.  She married in Wimbledon, Surrey, Robert Whitehead, who was born in1869 at Boston, Lincolnshire and he died in 1933.(?)
Ethel gave us this as his probable date of death, but Phillip recalls that he and his father visited Bert at New Malden, where he was running a garage and repair shop in about 1935, when Phillip's parents were living in Bournemouth and Bert died a year or two later.
[Source: Civil registration] born between 1869-1870, Ecclesfield. [Source: Census 1881 - CD]
Address (Facts Page) 1: 1869, Ecclesfield
Address (Facts Page) 2: 1873, Reading
Address (Facts Page) 3: 1875, Redhill
Address (Facts Page) 4: 1881, Croydon
Census 1: 1871, White Lane, aged I year from Ecclesfield. {Source 1871 Census, via Beryl Johnson 1999]
Census 2: 1881, 31, Alexandra Road, Croydon, Surrey, aged 11

Robert's father was an Admiral in the Royal Navy and reputedly involved in the invention [or he was the inventor] of the torpedo in about 1890, when submarines started being built.  Robert Whitehead and Grace Rebecca May had one child:

c.1. Ethel Whitehead, who was born on 15th.October, 1893 in   Croyden, Surrey and she died on 2nd.January, 1979 at Eymet, France, where she was living with long-time friends, Reg and Shirley Holmes.
Desia Wood [Victor May's daughter] wrote in January, 2002: 'In 1959 I spent 3 months travelling around England and Europe (after saving for some time!)  I first met Ethel Whitehead when she stayed with Mum and Dad in Bulawayo.  She invited me to spend a short time in her quaint little mews cottage at Sundridge near Sevenoaks, Kent.  It had been built in the 16th/17th Century (?) as a coach house/stable (?) two small rooms downstairs and two tiny attic bedrooms.  There was a narrow staircase and Ethel had placed beautiful Royal Doulton criniline ladies on low shelves beside the steps.  Negotiating them was a little unnerving as I was afraid of breaking these valuable items.  Ethel was good company.  Whenever I think of her I remember trailing scarves as she seemed to favour this item of apparel.
Ethel had become friendly with George Colgan's sister (Bess) and we visited her and her 3 daughters.  I believe Bess' husband, Ivan, was involved in secret Government work at the time.  Bess told me that George had a twin brother named Albert.  When I mentioned this to George on my return to Rhodesia he denied it and even Pam said it wasn't true.  Years later she was amazed to learn that he did have a twin living in Australia.  Apparently they had argued and disowned each other as youngsters.  Strange!  I believe they are now corresponding. [See under Victor's daughter, Pam and husband George Colgan M2/7[6]a]

Ethel and I had to go by bus to visit Bess.  We waited beside a narrow stream and I was surprised to see two elegant swans glide past.  So different from the dryness of Rhodesia.  As we drove past 'The Grasshopper Inn' Ethel mentioned that she had worked there for her cousin, Billy Newman. [See under M1/5.[4]f  for F.H.May (Doll) and J.H.Newman's son,  William (Billy) Aubrey Newman to follow].
On our trips to U.K. we visited Ethel a couple of times and in 1972 she came out to stay with us in Gordons Bay for about a month.  On the ship coming to Cape Town she fell and broke her arm, so we took her to Dr. Butler for a check up and he said that the plaster used by the ship's doctor was much too heavy for her small frame and he provided her with something much lighter.  She needed quite a bit of help over showering and dressing while with us.  At the end of her visit Margaret Robertson took her to the airport and she flew up to Rhodesia to stay with Victor and Biddy May.
M1/5.[4]f Florence Henrietta May, nicknamed 'Doll', was the sixth child of Charles John May and Caroline Amelia May nee Glessing
[and according to family recollection she was  born on 19th.October, 1871,  but the records from Sarah Day nee Smith state born 27.8,1871, White Lane, Ecclesfield and the birth was registered by her father on 7.10.1871]
She died 15.11.1954 at Farnborough Hospital, Bromley,  Kent.  She was married on 18.3.1895 at St. Lawrence Church, Upton ..?.. Chantry, Buckinghamshire to John Herbert Newman, and he was the son of James Newman and Mercy Newman nee Tyler.  [Source: Marriage certificate of Florence Henrietta May and Charles Herbert Newman.  The marriage was officiated by the assistant curate, C, Scahouse Ryder and witnessed by William George Newman and Eliza Patience May.] He was born 7.12.1869 in Prory House Edington, Wiltshaire and he became a butcher in Bromley.
More about Florence Henrietta May:
Address (Facts Page) 1: 1895, Slough
Address (Facts Page) 2: 1871, Ecclesfield
Address (Facts Page) 3:  1873, Reading
Address (Facts Page) 4:  1875, Redhill
Address (Facts Page) 5: 1881, Croydon
Address (Facts Page) 6: July 1, 1918, 22 Havard Mansions, Clapham Junction [Source: Will of Charles May 1918]
Census: 1881, 31, Alexandra Road, Croydon, Surrey aged 9
Registered Birth: October 7, 1871, Worsley, Ecclesfield sub district by father Charles May]