M1/5.K[J] Arthur James May = Margaret Esther Killey.
                  (1881 - 1954)  [m. 1901]   (  ?       ?  )
Arthur James May was the tenth child of Alexander May and Susannah May nee Walker  and he was born on 4.2.1881 at Cressey Road Mile End; [Source: Penny Waymark 2002, who has copies of his birth, marriage and death certificates] he died on 24.2.1954 in London Hospital and was cremated at London East End crematorium.
He is mentioned in the letter from John May to his daughter, Charlotte, (23.2.1861) as having had an accident with the sinking of a barge.
Census: 1881, Mile End Old Town: 12, Cressy Place: Son aged 2 months from Stepney [Source: 1881 Census CD]
Marriage: March 3, 1901 [Source: Penny Waymark.]
He married Margaret Esther Killey on 3.3.1901 in All Hallows Bromley By Bow, East London.  She was the daughter of Richard Killey and Mary Killey neeHill and she was born on 7.5.1882 at 86, Rosher Road, West Ham  They lived at 76 Stafford Road, West Ham, London and Margaret Esther May nee Killey died on 1.1.1968 in St. Georges Hospital, Hornchurch. [Source: Penny Widmark who has the birth and death certificates] There were 7 children of this marriage:
M1/6.[J]a Winifred Mary May, born 6.1.1904, West Ham, London and she married Phillip James.  [Source: Penny Waymark 2002]  They had 3 children:
c.1.  Arthur James, who married (1st) Jean ..?..  and they had a child called Gillian James who had two sons, Jonathan James and Nicholas James.  Arthur James  married (2nd) Barbara ???
                  c.2.  Violet James
c.3.  Margaret James, who married Douglas Green and their children were: c.1. Vivienne Green and c.2. Gynis Green.            
M1/6.[J]b Margaret Cecelia May, born after January 1904, West Ham, London and died 1978.  She married Harry Fraser.
[Source: Penny Widmark, 20002]
M1/6.[J]c Alexander John May, born 1.12.1911, West Ham, London, died 1980, married Irene, 1976.
[Source: Penny Widmark 2002]
M1/6.[J]d James Arthur May, born 1.3.1916, West Ham, London.  He married Ruth Maud Ethel Snow on 29.6.1939.  She was the daughter of William Snow and Louisa Overall and they had 2 children:
M1/7.d[a] Clive James May, born 7.11.1944, West Ham, London; died 24.8.2001, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.  He married Lesley Patricia Owen on 4.6.1966 in Holy Cross Basildon.  She was the daughter of Leonard Owen and Gwendoline Rowe.   They had 2 children:
M1/8.[a]1a Penny Susan May, born 30.6.1968 at the   British Military Hospital, Singapore. She married Nigel Waymark on 17.9.1988 in St. Peter's Church, Thundersley, Essex; son of Dennis Waymark and Betty Andrew.  They had 2 children:
 c.1. Connie Gwendoline Waymark (born 12.2.1994, Rochford Hospital, Essex.
c.2.  Alec Andrew Waymark (born 1.9.1995,    Rochford Hospital, Essex.
M1/8.[a]1b Richard Clive May, was born 26.8.1969 at the British Military Hospital, Singapore.  He married Joanne Ellen Douglas on 24.8.1991 in St. Peter's Church, Thundersley, Essex.  They had 1 child:
                        M1/9. 1ba Jessica Frances May.
M1/7.d[b] Linda Louisa May, born 28.7.1949, Pitsea; married Dennis Tompkins on 1.5.1973.
[Source for all the above family members:  Penny Waymark, 2002]
M1/6.[J]e Stanley Richard May, born 1919, West Ham, London; died 1969.  He married Margaret Mary Ross and they had 1 child:
M1/7.e[a] Peter May, born 3.9.1949.  He married (1st) Carol Jenkins and (2nd) Elizabeth Aspland.   There were 2 children of this second marriage:
M1/8.[a]2a Kelly May, born November, 1977; married Benjamin James Green on 10.8.2000, at Kettering, Northants.
M1/8.[a]2b Laura Jane May, born 1979.
M1/6.[J]f Philip H. May, born 1922, West Ham, London; died 1944, Hotentots France D Day Landings.
M1/6.[J]g Leslie E. May, born 1924, West Ham, London; died Sitord, France D Day Landings.
[Source of all the above information from Penny Waymark 2002]