Caroline Amelia Glessing's grandfather died in a carriage accident and her brother, William Poulton Glessing, born 1869 in Collingbourne Ducas, died in 1942 and married twice; his first wife was a Glessing cousin and they had a daughter,(i) Catherine who married three times after being widowed each time. William married his second wife, Florence Cross (born 1884 and died 1976) in 1914 at Southend and they had four children: (i)William Glessing (1915-1921. He died at Eastbourne College) (ii) Pam Glessing, born 1918, who married (1st) Denis Ainslie and they had one child, Alistair Ainslie and three grandchildren; she married (2nd) Norman Ward Jones (iii) Pearl Glessing, born 1920 and died 9.2.1985, who married Hank Voorspuy. (He had a very good war record, he became a pilot for KLM, the Senior Pilot for South Africa, and eventually became Commodore of KLM Airlines ) We knew them when he was in charge in South Africa and they lived at Henley-on-Klip in an attractive stone house on the river.  Much later, we visited them at their lovely old home, 'Folkington Place' near Polegate, East Sussex. [As a young girl, Pearl and her sister, Pam, would ride on the downs and look down at this beautiful old house and Pearl would say, 'One day I will own that place'.  Well, in time, she did.]  They had four sons and the local people would refer to Hank as the 'Lord of the Manor'.  In the charming small church next door many of the Gwynn family were buried and the field between was covered in blue bells when we visited.. Sadly, Pearl had multiple sclerosis then and died shortly afterwards.  She had a lovely vivacious personality.  The garden was attended to and kept trim by a lady in her eighties and her 'helper', who was even older than she was!] Then (iv) John Glessing, born 1925 and wife, Meryl, had four children and they lived at  'Montague'  Westham. [He farmed quite close to Pevensey Castle, which was one of the places I visited in 1947]
Peggy Groves wrote (8.12.71) that her Mother spoke of her seven aunts, each of whom had her own yacht in the days when the family were wealthy.  Peggy added, "I think the May (males) were very good at making money, but not so good at keeping it.  Our grandfather certainly made plenty, but gambled most of it away.  Our grandmother certainly came from a wealthy family and a more genteel one.  As a child she used to travel to and from school in her own pony trap."  Peggy also mentioned that Flo Glessing lived in Orchard Cottage, Sandhurst Lane, Whydown Little Common, Cooden, near Bexhill, Sussex.
When Charles May was 21(in 1861) his father wrote from Melbourne, Australia to his sister, Charlotte, saying: "there is no doubt but Charles will get on if he minds.  He is a clever fellow, but rather a bad temper."
Glessing Family Tree.
[The following information was supplied by Sarah Day, of 1, Thurnham Farm Cottage, Aldington Lane, Thurnham, Maidstone, Kent, ME14 3LJ]
Generation 1.
1.       JOHN GLESSING was born about 1758 in Hoillbronn  [Source: 1829 Naturalisation.]  He married (1) Caroline before 1794.  He married (2) Susannah Stowers, April 13,1806 in St. Botalph Bishopsgate.  He married (3) Mary Dennis May 19.1816 in Bermondsey.
Occupation 1. Between 1822 -1830, Musical String Maker at 18 Bell Lane [Source: London Trade Directory - Post Office.]
Occupation 2. Between 1798 - 1827, Catgut spinner/maker, Fiddlestring maker, Violin string maker and Harp string maker at baptisms of children [Source: LMA]
CAROLINE GLESSING Occupation: Between 1831-1835, Musical string maker at 18, Bell Lane.
(Source: LMA)
Marriage before 1794.
Children: c.1. Mary Elizabeth Glessing, born before 18.5.1794.  Her christening was on 18.5.1794, Church Lane, Spitalfields (Source: LMA XO24/001 White Chapel St.Mary baptisms 1792-1798)
                c.2. John Glessing, born before 26.6.1796 and died before June, 1849.[See John Glessing2 - second generation, to follow]
                c.3. William John Glessing, born before 29.10.1797.  His christening was on 29.10.1797, Church Lane, Spitalfields. Source: as above for c.1.))
                c.4. Sophia Caroline Glessing, born 21.10.1798, Rose Lane, Spitalfields. [Details in No. 3 to follow]
c.5. Mary Caroline Glessing, born 1.9.1801, Bell Lane, Spitalfields. (Source:LMA  XO24/001 Christ Church Spitalfields baptisms 1795-1812.  Father John Fiddlestring maker. Her christening was on 4.10.1801, Spitalfields, Christchurch. (Source: as above for child 4)
                c.6. George Frederick Glessing, born 7.2.1803, bell Lane, Spitalfields. Baptised 20.3.1803, Christ Church, Spitalfields.
                c.7. Louisa Kennell Glessing, born 5.4.1804, Bell Lane, Spitalfields. Christened 13.5.1804 Christ Church, Spitalfields.  Married Frederick Bond in 1830, Wapping.
Marriage: April 13,1806, St. Botalph Bishopsgate
Children: c.8. Frederick Charge Glessing, born 14.1.1812, Bell Lane, Spitalfields. Christened 1.3.1812, Christ Church, Spitalfields
                c.9. Ann Amelia Glessing, born 4.1810, Bell Lane, Spitalfields. Christened 1.3.1812 Christ Church Spitalfields
                c.10. Henry ?? Glessing, born after 1805
Marriage: May, 19, 1816, Bermondsey
                c.11. Caroline Sophia Glessing, born before 25.12.1816; married William Burton on 18.7.1834, Westminister/Covenant Garden St. Pauls
                c.12. Matilda Ann Glessing, born before 19.4.1818; married James John White 7.12.1842, Saint Dunstan, Stepney
                c.13. Thomas Balthaser Glessing, born before 9.1.1820. Christened 9.1.1820 Christ Church Spitalfields
                c.14. Alfred Glessing, born before 27.1.1822
                c.15. Joseph Frederick Glessing, born before 18.4.1824; Christened 18.4.1824 christ Church Spitalfields
                c.16. Mary Louisa Glessing, born before 15.7.1827 at Bell Lane. Christened 15.4.1827, Christ Church, Spitalfields
Occupation: between 1831-1835 Musical string maker at 18, Bell Lane (Source: London Trade Directory - Post Office)
Generation 2.
2.       JOHN GLESSING2 was born before 26.6.1796 and died 5.4.1849.  He married (1) Ann Nevell  in 1821 in St. Sepulchre [Source: Pallots Marriage Index 1780-1837]; he married (2) Harriet Henrietta Cox in about 1835, daughter of William Cox and she was born between 1813 and 1816 in Plymouth. [Source: Census 1881 - CD]
More about JOHN GlLESSING2:
Address in 1840: 13, Gloucester Street. [Source: Birth Certificate of Caroline Amelia]
Census: 1851 He is not named as being with the family!
Christened: 26.6.1796,  Address: Church Lane, Spital fields [Source; LMA XO24/093 Whitechapel St Mary baptisms 1792-1798]
Occupation 1. 1840. Musical string maker at 18 Bell Lane [Source; Birth Certificate of Caroline Amelia]
Occupation 2: 1838-1849, Musical string maker in the London Trade Directory [Source: London Trade Directory - Post Office]
Occupation 3: 1862, Violin String manufacturer [Source: Marriage Certificate of Caroline Amelia and Charles May]
Married 1821, St. Sepulchre [Source: Pallots Marriage Index 1780-1837]
Children: c.1. Ann Eliza Glessing, born before 12.11.1823
                c.2. Sophia Rebecca Glessing, born before 21.5.1826, died before 22.4.1827
                          c.3. John Balthasar Glessing, born before 27.12.1829
Marriage about 1835
Children: c.4. John Glessing3, born before 2.5.1836, Spitalfields and died 4.6.1917 [Details to
                        follow at No:5]
                c.5. Harriet Henrietta Glessing born before 3.12.1837, Spitalfields [Details to follow  at No:6]
                c.6. Sophia Josephine Glessing, born before 17.2.1839, Spitalfields. Christened 17.11.1839, Christ Church, Stepney, Spitalfields, London [Source: IGI: CO69693]
                             Census 1851, Yes - 12 years.
                c.7. Caroline Amelia Glessing, born 19.8.1840, Spitalfields, died 1922 [Details to follow  at No:7]
                c.8  Emmeline Maryann Glessing, born about 1842 and died before 1844 [Source: Civil Registration. Bethnal Green Dec.1844]
                c.9.Rosetta Julia Glessing, born before 17.11.1844, Spitalfields. And christened 17.11.1844 in Christ Church, Stepney, Spitalfields.
                        Census 1: 1851, Yes - 6 years
                        Census 2: 1881, Plymouth Charles the Martyr, Devon - Labourer's wife - aged 33 years (?) Therefore born in 1847/8! [Source: Census 1881 - CD]
                        She married Alfred Brooks on 2.5.1865 in Plymouth [Source: (1) B<D. June quarter 1865 Stoke Daverall?? Area, (2) Sally Brooks 2001.  He was born between 1845-1846 in Plymouth [Source: Census 1881 - CD]
                        Census: 1881, Plymouth Charles the Martyr, Devon - General Labourer aged 35 years [Source: Census 1881 - CD]
                        Children: c.a. John Brooks born between 1866-7, Plymouth
                                        Census 1881, Plymouth Charles the Martyr, Devon, errand boy aged 14 years. [Census 1881]
   c.b.Rosetta Brooks,[Census 1881] Devon, Scholar aged 12 years
   c.c.Frederick Charles Brooks,
   c.d.James Brooks [Census 1881], Devon, Scholar aged 6 years
   c.e. Ellen Brooks [Census 1881] Devon, Scholar  aged 5 years
   c.f. Hetty Brooks [Census 1881] Devon, aged 2 years
   c.g. Maurice Brooks [Census 1881]  born about 1881. Plymouth
c.h. Charles Brooks [Census 1881] Twin  to George, born about 1880.    [Source: Sally Brooks 2001]
   c.i. George Brooks [Census 1881] Twin to Charles, born about 1880. [Source: Sally Brookes 2001]
  c.j. Cary Brooks [Source: Sally Brooks 2001]
                c.10. Albert James Glessing, born before 10.5.1846, Spitalfields.  Christened 10.5.1846, Christ Church, Stepney, Spital fields, London. [Source: IGI:.CO69693] But from Census 1851 he was not shown with the family!
Address (Facts Page): 1840, 13, Gloucester Street [Source: Birth Certificate of Caroline Amelia]
Census 1: 1851, Yes - 37 years
Census 2: 1881, Plymouth Charles the Martyr, Devon.  Living with daughter Rosetta and her family aged 65 years. A widower.  [Source: Census 1881 - CD]
Occupation; 1851, Musical String Maker at 18 Bell Lane. [Source: London Trade Directory - Post Office. 1852 and 1853? Not in 1854]
         3.  SOPHIA CAROLINE GLESSING2 (JOHN1) was born 21.10.1798 in Rose Lane, Spitalfields [Source: LMA X)24/001 Christ Church Spitalfields baptisms 1795-1812].  She married  Henry Richard Whittle on 7.1.1821 in Christ Church, Stepney, Spitalfields
Children:  c.1. Sophia Caroline Whittle born before 21.11.1821. Married George James Walker  in St. Botolph, Bishopgate on 18.7.1840
                            Children: c.a. Howard Charles George Whittle, born before 17.6.1858
                                         c.b. Graham Valentine Walker, born before 17.6.18581858
                                            c.c. Sophia Overy Walker born before 17.6.1858
                                         c.d. Clifford Walker born about 1859
                                             c.e. Edith Walker born about 1859
                 c.2. Julia Whittle, born before 1.1.1823
                 c.3. George Whittle, born before 21.1.1824
                 c.4. Alfred Whittle, born before 25.3.1829
4.  HENRY??2 GLESSING (JOHN1)  was born after 1805.  He married Clara Wangemann  in 1831 St. Andrew, Holburn.[Source: Pallots Marriage Index 1780-1837]
Occupation: 1854, Cabinet Maker [Source: Marriage Certificate of daughter Caroline Clara]
Children: c.1. Caroline Clara Glessing married Frederick William Wild [Source: Marriage Certificate]
Generation 3.
5. JOHN GLESSING3 (JOHN2, JOHN1) was born 2.5.1836 in Spitalfields [Source: Patricia Imray letter 17.10.2000] He was christened 29.5.1836, Christ Church, Stepney, Spitalfields, London. [Source: IGI: Co69693] He married Hannah Hatch Cockett on 27.6.1860 in Stepney, Spitalfields, London [Source: IGI: MO69692 0r 3] She was born about 1839 [Source: Patricia Imray letter 17.102000] and died about 1907 [Source: Patricia Imray letter 17.10.2000]
   Census: 1851, Name not shown with family!
   Occupation: Music Professor [Source: John Glessing (1933) Telephone 17.10.2000]
   Children: c.1. John Montague Glessing, born 13.8.1861, Forest Gate; died 28.1.1947, Thames, New Zealand. He arrived in New Zealand about 1881 with his uncle Rawson. He married (1st) Jessie Scott and (2nd) he married Margaret Maggie Brown, on 7.8.1894 in Auckland, New Zealand.  She was born on  7.9.1874 in Auckland, New Zealand.  He was an engineer on a coastal boat, worked in the timber industry, the Flex industry, as a land agent and Insurance man.  There were 5 children of his marriage to Margaret M. Brown.
            c.2. Harry Edward Glessing, born 26.12.1862; died 6.2.1948.  He emigrated to USA to Long Island and he married Josephine Adrian Baccus (born 22.2.1863 and died 4.5.1948) .  They had 2 children.
                      c.3. Florence Glessing, born 13.4.1865. She married Charles Brooks?? [Source:  Patricia Imray letter 17.10.2000] and they had a daughter.
            c.4. Hatch Glessing, born 20.8.1867; died 1928.  She married Percy Fred Cockett and they had 6 children, but only three survived. [Source: Patricia Imray letter 17.10.2000]
            c.5.  William Poulton Glessing, born 28.8.1869, Collingbourne Dulcis, Wits; [Source 1: Patricia Imray letter 17.10.2000 and 2. John Glessing, son of WPG] He died 21.12.1941.  He married (1st) Catherine Withers and she died 1913 [Source: Patricia Imray letter 17.10.2000] and he married (2nd) Florence Cross. There was one child of the first marriage, Catherine Glessing who married Frank Butler [Source: Patricia Imray letter 17.10.2000]. But John Glessing 1924 claims no children of the marriage.
                        Childen of William Glessing and Florence Cross:
c.a. William Poulton Glessing, born 1914 and died 1930 [Source: letter from John Glessing, son of WPG]
c.b. Pearl Glessing, born 3.3.1919 and died February 1988. She married Hendric (Hank) Voorspuy in 1947 and they had 4 children: (i) Rufus Voorspuy, born 1949; (ii) Morven Voorspuy born 29.12.1950; (iii) Sorel Voorspuy and (iv) Tristan Voorspuy.
c.c. Pamela Glessing born 25.12.1920.  She married (1st) Denys Ainslie
        and they had a son, Alistair Ainslie (born 24.10.1944)and she married (2nd) Norman Ward Jones [Source of all: John Glessing, son of WPG- letter 2000]
c.d. John Glessing born 31.7.1924 and he married Meryl Zoepher on 24.4.1948 {Source of both: John Glessing, son of WPG- letter 2000]
They had 4 children, (i) Emma Glessing (born 1951); (ii) Charlotte Glessing (born 1959); (iii) Gundrada Glessing (born 1963) and (iv) Sophia Glessing.
            c.6. Horace Glessing, born 2.1.1872; died 1948. [Source: Patricia Imray letter 17.10.2000]  He married Rosetta Turner and they had 4 children.
            c.7. Laura Glessing, born 14.5.1874 and married George Fansett  [ Source of both: Patricia Imray letter 17.10.2000]
            c.8. Hattie Glessing, born 3.12.1878; died 1928. She married Charles Fancett  and they had a son and a daughter. [Source of all Patricia Imray letter 17.10.2000]
6.       HARRIET HENRIETTA GLESSING3 (JOHN2,JOHN!) was born before 3.12.1837 in Spitalfields and christened on 3.12.1837 at Christ Church, Stepney, Spitalfields, London {Source: IGI: CO69693]  She married George Rawson [Source: Marriage Certificate] on 17.9.1859 in St. Peter Upon Cornhill, City of London, aged 22{Source: Marriage Certificate]  He was born about1835 (aged 24) and was a parish clerk..{Source: Marriage Certificate]His father, George Rawson was a Beadle and Harriet's father, John Glessing was a harp string manufacturer.  They were married by Thomas George MA, curate.
                Census: 1851, Yes - 13 years
Addresses: (Marriage page) George at No 1 Halfmoon passage; and Harriet at Walthanstow.
                Children: c.1. Emily Rawson, who married ???Treemer
                       c.2. George Rawson.
3.       CAROLINE AMELIA GLESSING (JOHN2, JOHN1) was born on 19.8.1840 in Spitalfields, christened on 27.9.1840 at St. Mathew, Bethnal Green, London [Source:IGI: CO69693] and died 1922.  She married CHARLES MAY on 17.8.1862 in Haggerston, London [Source: Marriage Certificate].  He was the son of John May and Rebecca Kitchenman.  He was born on 1.7.1840 in Surrey and died 12.5.1918 at 6, Douglas Road, Surbiton, Surrey.[Source: Will of Charles May 1918]
Address: (Facts Page) 1: 1840, 13, Gloucester Street [Source: Marriage Certificate]
Address: (Facts Page) 2: 1862, Lee Cottage, Lee Street, Haggerston [Source: Marriage Certificate]
Census 1: 1851, Yes - 10 years
Census 2: 1871, White Lane: aged 30 years from Spitalfields.[Source: 1871 Census via Beryl Johnson]
Census 3: 1881, 31 Alexandra Road, Surrey; aged 40 [Source: Census 1881-CD]
Birth Certificate: born 11.8.1840 at 6,Buckenham Street. Informant Rebecca May nee Kitchenman at 6 Little Tower Street; Father John May - merchant.  St. George the Martyr, Southwark [Source: Birth Certificate]
Census 1: 1871, White Lane: aged 30 years from Southwark; clerk at Iron Works [Source: 1871 Census, via Beryl Johnson 1999]
Census 2: 1881, 31, Alexandra Road, Surrey aged 40. Coal Traveller.
Will: 3.7.1917, Gross Value 629 pounds, eleven shillings and ninepence.  All to wife Caroline Amelia May.  [Source: Will of Charles May 1918]
Marriage: 1862, Haggerston, London [Source: Marriage Certificate]
Children: c.1. CHARLES MAY4 born between 1862-1863, Dalston, London.
                 Census: 1871, White Lane: aged 8 years from Dalston [Source: 1871 Census-
         Via Beryl Johnson 1999]
c.2. ALBERT ALEXANDER MAY born between 1867-1868, Sheffield [Source: Census 1881-CD]
                 Address: (Facts Page) 1: 1881, 31, Alexandra Road, Croydon, Surrey, aged 13
                 Address: (Facts Page) 2: About 1867, Sheffield
                 Address: (Facts Page) 3: About 1869, Ecclesfield
                 Address: (Facts Page) 4: About 1873, Reading
                 Address: (Facts Page) 5: About 1875, Redhill
                 Census 1: 1871, White Lane: aged 3 years from Sheffield (Abel) [Source: 1871 Census via Beryl Johnson 1999]
                 Census 2: 1881, 31 Alexandra Road, Croydon, Surrey
                 c.3. GRACE REBECCA MAY born between 1869-1870, Ecclesfield [Source: Census 1881 - CD]
                 Address: (Facts Page) 1: 1869, Ecclesfield
                 Address: (Facts Page) 2: 1873, Reading
                 Address: (Facts Page) 3: 1875, Redhill
                 Address: (Facts Page) 4: 1881, Croydon
                 Census 1: 1871, White Lane; aged 1 year from Ecclesfield [Source: 1871 Census via Beryl Johnson 1999]
        Census 2: 1881, 31, Alexandra Road, Croydon, Surrey aged 11
                 c.4. FLORENCE HENRIETTA MAY, born 27.8.1871, White Lane, Ecclesfield, [Source: Birth Certificate]; died 15.11.1954, Farnbrough Hospital, Bromley.  She married John Herbert Newman on 18.3.1895 in St. Lawrence Church, Upton Chatry, Buckinghamshire [Source: Marriage Certificate]  He was the son of James Newman and Mercy Tyler and was born on 7.12.1869 in Priory House, Edington, Wiltshire. [Source: Ann Green 1999] and die 6.2.1938 in Halstead [Source: Dennis Hampton Notes on FH about 1950]
        Address: (Facts Page) 1: 1895, Slough
Address: (Facts Page) 2: 1871, Ecclesfield
                 Address: (Facts Page) 3: 1873, Reading
                 Address: (Facts Page) 4: 1875, Redhill
                 Address: (Facts Page) 5: 1881, Croydon
Address: (Facts Page) 6: 1.7.1918, 22, Havard Mansions, Clapham Junction [Source: Will of Charles May, 1918]
Census: 1881, 31, Alexandra Road, Croydon, Surrey aged 9 years.
Registered Birth: 7.10.1871, Worsley, Ecclesfield sub districy by Father Charles May.
More about John Herbert Newman:
Address: (Facts Page): 1895, Lambeth
Burial: 11.2.1938, Edington
Census 1: 1881, Edington - Scholar aged 11 years [Source: 1881 Census]
Census 2: 1891, Edington - Miller aged 21 years [Source 1891 Census]
Christened: 3.1.1870, Edington, Wiltshire [Source: IGI: Fische]
Occupation 1: 1891Miller
Occupation 2: 1901 Master Butcher
Registered Birth: 31.12.1869, West bury and Whorwellsdown District by Mother
Marriage Notes for Florence May and John Newman: Vicar - C.Scahouse Ryder -
assistant curate.  Witnesses: William George Newman and Eliza Patience May.
Children: c.1. Margaret Mary Newman born before 9.2.1896, London
                c.2. James John Richard Newman born before 5.4.1898, 196 Tulse Hill; christened 5.4.1898, Edington; died between January-March 1973, Surrey South East District.
                c.3. Charles Herbert Newman born 1.6.1901, Tulse Hill; died 10.1.1977, Barnet.
                c.4. William A. Newman born after 1901 and died between Oct - Dec 1963, North Tonbridge District; married Gladys Tate/Tait [Source: Eric Tyler 2000 via Dennis Hampton]
                 c.5. ELIZA PATIENCE MAY, born between 1873 -1874 Reading [Source: Census 1881 - CD]; married William Bawcombe [Source: Will of Charles May 1918] in 1897 {Source: Civil registration]
                 Address: (Facts Page) 1: 1873, Reading
                 Address: (Facts Page) 2: 1875, Reading
                 Address: (Facts Page) 3: 1881, Croydon
 Address: (Facts Page) 4: 1.7.1918, 21, Leasewick Road, West Norwood. [Source: Will of Charles May.
Census: 1881, 31, Alexandra Road, Croydon
c.6. ERNEST EDWARD MAY, born between 1875-1876 [Source: Civil registration] Redhill [Source: Census 1881 - CD]
Address: (Facts Page) 1: 1875, Redhill
Address: (Facts Page) 2: 1881, Croydon
Census: 1881, 31 Alexandra Road, Croydon, Surrey, aged 5
c.7 CAROLINE AMELIA MAY, born between 1877-1878, Redhill [Source: Census 1881 - CD]
Address: (Facts Page) 1: 1877, Redhill
Address: (Facts Page) 2: 1881, Croydon
Census 1881, 31, Alexandra Road, Croydon, Surrey, aged 3.
c.8. PERCY AUGUSTUS MAY, born between 1878-1879, Redhill [Source: Census 1881 - CD]
Address: (Facts Page) 1: 1878, Rehill
Address: (Facts Page) 2: 1881, Croydon
Census: 1881, 31, Alexandra Road, Croydon, Surrey, aged 2