F7/2.[1][11]  Thomas Freemantle =  Mary Pascoe
                      (1822 - 1866)    [m. 1858]  (1827 - 1859)
Thomas Freemantle  was the youngest son and last child of Richard Freemantle (I)* and his second wife, Sarah Freemantle nee Kent.  He was born towards the beginning of the year in which his father was murdered by Xhosas, on 23.8.1822 near Coombs, where Thomas* Mahoney's party had been located.
After his father's death the family moved into Grahamstown where his mother tried to support the family with her needlework and his half-brother, Samuel, took care of the mother and her three children, Eliza, George and baby Thomas.
When his mother was married again in about 1824 in Grahamstown, to (2nd) Joseph Stephens*, a Settler in Waite's party on 'Zoraster', Thomas remained with her, but his brother George was adopted into Samuel's household.  She had two more children, Joseph Stephens (born about 1825) and Isabella Stephens (born about 1827).
Little more is known about this family group except that Thomas Freemantle was married at Port Frances by Rev. Peter Syrce to Mary Pascoe of Port Frances on 28.9.1858.   He was aged 35 and she was 32.  No issue of this marriage has been traced.
However, it is recorded that, on 20.4.1859, a Mary Freemantle of Grahamstown, aged 33, was buried at Port Frances (Port Alfred), by the Rev. P. Syrce, so it would seem that this was Mary Freemantle nee Pascoe, who apparently died only seven months after her marriage to Thomas.
Although Thomas Freemantle lived another 27 years, dying on 16.9.1886, aged 63, no other marriage has been traced, so it would seem that he left no issue.  He was buried in the Methodist cemetery in Grahamstown.