F7/3.[10]4 Sarah Elizabeth Freemantle  = Christiaan van de Linde
                         (1843 - 1923)              [m. 1864]     (1846 - 1919)
Sarah Elizabeth Freemantle was the fourth daughter of George Freemantle* and Elizabeth Ann Freemantle nee Stillwell, but as two of these sisters died as infants, she grew up as the second oldest in the family.  She was born on 29.3.1846 in Grahamstown.
Two years later her parents left Grahamstown and moved to the Somerset district, where her father farmed for a couple of years, then just after the birth of her only brother in 1850, the family moved to Cradock, where another sister was born.  When she was twelve they moved again, this time to Middelburg, Cape.
On 12.9.1864 in Hanover, Cape, she married Christiaan Abraham van de Linde, the son of Johannes Alwyn van de Linde and Maria Hendrina van de Linde nee Pienaar. There were 12 children of this marriage.
Christiaan Abraham van de Linde was born on 2.8.1846 in Vryburg and died on 7.4.1919 and his widow died four years later in Vryburg on 5.4.1923.
Their children were:
c.1.  Elizabeth Ann van de Linde b. 26.8.1865 in Vryburg; married in 1887 Arthur William Fincham (b.1862, d.1938), son of JohnThornton Zachariah Fincham and Louis Ann Fincham nee Freemantle
c.2.  Maria Hendrina C. van de Linde b. 29.9.1867; married Dr Brink
c.3.  John Alwyn van de Linde b. 19.7.1869
c.4.  Christiaan van de Linde b.2.9.1871 in Vryburg
c.5.  Gerald Philip van de Linde  b.18.9.1887 in Vryburg. d. 1945/6 - driver in a train accident
c.6.  Harriet Martha van de Linde b. 1873 in Vryburg
c.7.  Emily Lois van de Linde b. 1875 in Vryburg
c.8.  Dora Anne van de Linde b.8.6.1878 in Vryburg, d. 12.1 1879
c.9.  George B van de Linde b. 30.8.1880 in Vryburg, d. 15.9.1926
c.10. Frederick William van de Linde b. 21.7.1882; married (1st) Ellen K. Duffey and (2nd) Irene Duffey
c.11. Sarah Elizabeth van de Linde b. 26.1.1885 d. 31.1.1889
c.12. Gertrude Dove van de Linde b. 9.8.1892