William Penny born about 1791 was a bricklayer and he married Susanna (or Rosanna); she was born about 1790.
Their children were:
c.1. Sarah Penny born about 1811
c.2. William Penny born about 1813
               c.3. Philip Penny born after 1820 ? (about 1821 ?) and he married Marion Stillwell  -  see above for   their family.
[There was also a Philip George Penny born on 20.11.1854 - connection untraced]
From: 'The Roll of the British Settler in South Africa' - E. Morse Jones.
1820 Settlers
PENNY  -    Charles 33, Bricklayer; wife Susannah 25; children Elizabeth 11; Charles 7; Edward 1; party Shephton's; ship 'Aurora'
PENNY  -  William 29, Bricklayer; wife Susannah [note M.D.Nash gives wife Rosanna 30]  children Sarah 9; William 7; party Sephton's; ship 'Aurora'
                  [Note:   Other families in this collection who were also aboard the 'Aurora' and in Sephton's party were PITT;   PAINTER;  MILLER;  CYRUS;  JENKINS;  KIDD; and associated with it was CALDECOTT]
From: a BBC documentary film on 'The Plague'  in London,
 based on very detailed records of the time.
It was recorded that there was a William Penny, who was a gravedigger, living in one of the lanes in London at the time of the Great Plague [about 1675] and he buried hundreds of bodies of those stricken down by this scourge. Eventually he too succumbed to this terrible disease and was also buried in London.