F7/3.[10]2 Louisa Ann Freemantle  = John Thornton Zachariah Fincham
                     (1842 - 1898)             [m. 1858]    (1836 - 1898)
Louisa Ann Freemantle  was the second child and second daughter of George Freemantle* and Elizabeth Ann Freemantle nee Stillwell but she grew up as the eldest in the family after the death of their first born at six weeks of age.  She was born on 11.2.1842 in Grahamstown.
Her parents with their children left Grahamstown when she was six years of age, in 1848 and moved to the Somerset district where her father farmed for a couple of years until they moved to Cradock in 1850 and then to Middleburg by 1853, by which time she was eleven.
On 14.9.1858 she was married in Middleburg to John Thornton Zachariah Fincham, the son of John Fincham, (1809 - 1858) who emigrated from Britain to the Cape in 1828 and the grandchild of Thornton Fincham (1780 - 1824) and his wife Anne Fincham nee Flowerden.
John Thornton Zachariah Fincham was born on 6.6.1836 in Graff Reinet and he was a farmer and General Merchant.  There were 12 children of this marriage and he died in Grahamstown on 13.3.1898.  His widow lived less than nine months after his death; also dying in Grahamstown on 1.12.1898; both at Rutherglen Cottage.
Their children were:
c.1.  John George Benjamin Fincham b. 1859 d. 1878
c.2.  Elizabeth Caroline Fincham b. 8.10.1860, in Grahamstown; married Edward    Charles Wright
c.3.  Arthur William Fincham b. 1862 d. 1938; married Elizabeth Ann van der Linde in 1886/7 in the Cape  -  he became an M.P. and the first Mayor of Vryburg.
c.4.  Cecilia Martha Dove Fincham b.22.11.1863 d.2.11.1938; married Edward James  Humpage - two daughters.
c.5.  George Fincham b. 4.10.1865; married (1st) R. du Toit and (2nd) M.I.Howarth
c.6.  Phoebus Marie Fincham b. 2.9.1867; married (1st) E.M.Bradshaw and (2nd) F.Clark nee Bothma
c.7.  Alfred Ernest Fincham b. 3.4.1869 d. 15.7.1937; married (1st) E.E.West - issue Baden Victor Fincham and (2nd) R.M.Malligan - No issue
c.8.  Allister Thornton Fincham (b.3.2.1871 d. 14.11.1898); was married to Evelyn G. Howarth in 1894;  (He inherited the farm 'The George' from his father).  They had 4 sons and 4 daughters - one son was Allister Fincham, the diamond millionaire.
c.9.  Percival Charles Fincham b. 8.12.1872; married Alvina Hendrik
c.10. Louis Albert Fincham b. 22.10.1874; married (1st) W. Bothma and (2nd) C. van    Niekerk
c.11. Louisa Henrietta Fincham b. 5.2.1877; married W.S.Kirkman
c.12 Evelyn Winifred Fincham b. 3.5.1882 d. 18.10.1903; married (1st) A.W.Howarth and (2nd) M.G.Tharratt
Notes on Fincham family:
'The Fincham family came from Norfolk and in 1863 Rev. William Bligh, Rector of St Martin's Church, Fincham, Norfolk, compiled an history and pedigree of the Fincham family.
John Fincham (1809 - 1858) ran away from home when he was 20, wrote a poem on 'Leaving England without seeing my Mother'.  He immigrated to the Cape Colony in 1828 and was the son of Thornton Fincham (1780 -1824) and his wife Anne, daughter of John Flowerden of Wortham.'
Jachariah Fincham born about 1747 [and his parents may have been Zachariah and Elizabeth Fincham]; he married Harriot [sic] Thornton 6.8.1771 at St. Andrew's in Norwich, Norfolk, and they had a son, Thornton Fincham, born 21.4.1780 in Norfolk and died 1824.  Thornton Fincham married Anne Flowerden, daughter of John Flowerden and they had a son, John Fincham, born 1809, who immigrated to South Africa in 1828 and died 1858.  The name of his wife has not been traced, but their son was John Thornton Zachariah Fincham who married Louisa Ann Freemantle.