F7/3.[10]10 Edith Ann Freemantle = Septimus Penny
                       (1860 - 1946)            [m. 1881]  (1859 - 1930)
Edith Ann Freemantle was the tenth born child of George Freemantle* and Elizabeth Ann Freemantle nee Stillwell, but at the time of her birth there were only five other sisters alive as three sisters and the only boy in the family had died young.  She was born in Middelburg, Cape on 28.12.1860 but by the time she was seven her parents had moved to Hopetown and she was only 14 years of age when her father was drowned in the Riet River, near the diggings near Kimberley.
On 28.6.1881 she was married in Kimberley to Septimus Penny, the son of Philip Penny and Marion Penny nee Stillwell.   He was the grandson of 1820 Settlers, by descent from both his parents.  His paternal grandfather was William Penny*, who was married to Susannah Penny nee Brock, * Settlers in Sephton's party on 'Aurora' and they moved to Grahamstown from Salem in 1822.  William Penny was a bricklayer and trader, who had been granted a licence in 1825 to trade at Fort Willshire. (He was born in 1781 and died in Grahamstown in 1839, being the son of Philip Penny and his wife Susannah, who was born in 1790.  The maternal grandfather of Septimus Penny was William Stillwell*, who was married to Martha Stillwell nee Dove* Independent Settlers on the 'Garland'.
[See section under George Freemantle* and Elizabeth Ann Stillwell and the Stllwell Family connection for further information]
Septimus Penny was born on 3.10.1859 in Bedford, Cape; he had 8 brothers and two sisters.  He became a farmer and, later, worked at the Big Hole in Kimberley.  There were 8 or 9 children of his marriage to Edith Ann Freemantle.  He died on 21.4.1930 in Kroonstad and his widow died sixteen years later, on 2.11.1946, also in Kroonstad.
Their children were:
c.1.  Reuben Penny born 14.5.1882 Kroonstad. O.F.S. and died 1.11.1948 Kroonstad
c.2. George Freemantle Penny born 2.8.1883 Potchefstroom, Transvaal and died on 4.9.1962 in Zeerust
c.3. Gertrude Dove Penny born 3.5.1885 Kroonstad and died 6.1.1971 Kroonstad; she   married Charles Strainer (1880 - 1948).  They had 4 children.
c.4.  Rose Penny born 1.3.1888 Leeuspruit, O.F.S. and died 16.10.1912
c.5. Elizabeth (Lily) Penny born 30.7.1890 at Wolzak Farm, O.F.S. and died 18.2.1957
c.6. Edith (Edie) Penny born 8.7.1891 at Wolzak Farm, O.F.S. and she married ???  Smyter
c.7. Grace Penny born 10.12.1895 at Wolzak Farm, O.F.S. and she married ???  Flint
c.8. Jessie Penny born 10.12.1895 at Wolzak Farm O.F.S. and she married ???
        de Villiers
c.9.(?) Victor Penny - no information concerning Victor is known but his name was shown on the death certificate with the other children - possibly a nephew?
[There was also a Victor George Penny born about 1915 at Salem, Cape.]