F6/4.9Ga  Walter Harry Paxton Freemantle  = (1st)  Rose Wedderburn
                        (1881 - 1958)                  [. (?)      ]        (   ?        ?   )
                                                                             = (2nd) Elsie Flowers
                                                                 [  (?)     ]         (1887 - 1963)
Walter Harry Paxton Freemantle  was the seventh child of Jesse William Freemantle and Fanny Elizabeth Freemantle nee Paxton and grandchild of *Samuel Freemantle and *Sarah Elizabeth Freemantle nee Paxton.  He was born on 27.3.1881 in Umtata, Transkei.
His first marriage, to Rose Wedderburn ended in divorce in 1918, there was no issue, and no other information has been elicited concerning his early life and this marriage.
His second marriage was to Elsie Flowers who was born in Theale, England on 28.1.1887 and there were two children of this marriage.
Walter Harry Paxton Freemantle  died on 2.6.1958 in Umtata, Transkei and his widow, Elsie Freemantle nee Flowers died five years later in Cape Town on 30. 5.1963.
Their children were:
F6/5.G[A}  Anthea (Wendy) Paxton Freemantle
                                     b. 23. 4.1926  Mount Ayliff
                                     m. 14.10.1950 Cape Town
                                     John Arthur Vivian Ruck  -  a business executive
                                     b. 13. 3.1923 Port Elizabeth
                                     2 children:
                                                c.1. Peta Ruck b. 28.11.1952 Cape Town
                                                c.2. Myles Ruck b. 7. 6.1955 Cape Town
F6/5.G[B]   Myles Paxton Freemantle   -    Barrister
                             b. 8. 7. 1930 Reading, England
                             d.          2001 Montagu, Cape
                             m. Gwenda M. Pugh,  daughter of William Pugh and
          Bessie nee Pugh Armour
                                    3 sons-  see separate section - F6/5.G[B]   Myles Paxton Freemantle