From 'Roll of British Settlers in South Africa'  - E. Morse Jones

TROLLIP       -    Joseph 44 (labourer); wife Susannah 39; children Esther 19; Benjamin 16;
                           Rhoda 13; Jacob 10; Joseph 9; Mary 7; party Hyman's; ship Weymouth
TROLLIP       -     Stephen 19 (labourer); wife Mary 20
-          William  24 (labourer); wife Patience 22; child Alfred
-          John 22 (labourer); wife Elizabeth 20; children Henry and Edward
A party of 42 from Wiltshire led by Charles Hyman sailed in WeymouthThey were located on the right bank of the Lynedoch River.
From 'The Settler Handbook'  -  M. D. Nash
No: 30 on the Colonial Department list, led by Charles Hyman, a labourer of Short Street, Westbury, Wiltshire.  This was a joint-stock party made up of labouring men and their families from an area that was hard hit by unemployment and excited by the prospect of emigration.  Hyman described to the Colonial Department the basis on which his party was formed.  'The eleven men are persons of irreproachable character, each having some small property and being unwilling to be in actual servitude have unanimously chosen me their representative - if we are allowed to proceed to the Cape tho' I will not boast of any superior Degree of Wisdom to some of the others (who are my elders) yet going on in this brotherly way I make no doubt by our joint exertions we shall be able to surmount those difficulties which will naturally be in the way'.
Hyman assured the authorities that he had no selfish motive in assuming the direction of the party, other than 'to become settled on a piece of land I can call my own and Every Person going under my direction will enjoy everything equal with myself'.  The parish authorities vouched for his good character, but there is no evidence that they contributed directly to his party's expenses.
Of the names on Hyman's first list, only Hyman himself, his wife and John Wheeler appear in the final sailing list.  Hyman's party and that of Samuel James, absorbed the remainder of several other local parties that had formed and then disintegrated...
Deposits were paid for eleven men who sailed from Portsmouth in H.M. Store Ship Weymouth on 7 January 1820, arriving in Table Bay on 26 April.  Benjamin Trollip obtained employment in Cape Town where he remained.  A son of Daniel Farley was born and died at sea.  The Weymouth reached Algoa Bay on 15 May and the party was located on the right bank of the Lynedoch River, naming its location Standerwick.  The three Wiltshire joint-stock parties under Hyman, Ford, and James were exceptional among the Settlers in remaining virtually intact under their original leaders for the first three years of the settlement; Hyman ascribed this to their having 'encouraged and cultivated a spirit of unamity (sic) amongst each other.'

From: 'Some Settler Families'  -  I. Mitford-Barbarton and Violet White

TROLLIP  -   The following is the legend regarding the origin of the name.  There was one, Harold the Saxon in the time of Richard Coer de Lion, who was a mighty hunter.  The king, hearing of his prowess sent for him to join in a hunt.  Harold shot three wolves and this so pleased the king that he made him his chief huntsman and he was thereafter known as Harold Trois lupe (3 wolves).  This legend is also referred to in the biography 'The Trollopes' by Lucy and Richard Poate -  Stebbins.
[Note:  Alternatively, but much more prosaically, it is claimed to originate from a place in the north of England.]
From Mrs Collett (Rhoda Amnee Trollip)
Rhoda Ann Trollip, daughter of Joseph and Susannah Trollip (b. 1807) married James Lydford Collett (1800 - 1874) on 10.2.1824 and had the following family:
1.    Ann Collett b. 1824 m. Joshua Trollip (son of Stephen Trollip and step-son of Mary Toye Trollip nee Warner)
2     John Collett b. 26.11.1826 Grahamstown  Lived at Grassridge, Fish River. 10 children; died 10.8.1908
3     James Collett. b. ca. 1828.  Lived at Rhynheath, Graaff Reinet
4.    Susannah Collett  b. 13.7.1829 Grahamstown; d. 29.7.1889; m. Richard Maskill
5.    Martha Collett b. 28.6.1831 Cradock; d. 5.10.1891 m. John Trollip on 26.9.1851 in Bedford, C.C. -  no issue
6.    William Collett.   Lived at Rietvlei, Middelberg, Cape
7.    Joseph Collett. Lived at Steynberg
8.     George Collett. b. ca 1835;d. Aug.1879; m. ca. 1865 Martha Susannah Ardendorph;  Lived at Doornberg, Middelberg, Cape
9.     Elizabeth Collett b. 8.4.1844, Cradock(?) m. Johathan Crooks (b. ca. 1840) of Groenfontein, Cradock dist. on 14.2.1861
[IGI has Joseph Trollip b. May 1775 in Frome, Somerset, England m. on 25.9.1794 Susannah Couch; he died 22.7.1862 in Grahamstown, Cape Colony. Susanna Couch b. ca. 1781, of Frome, Somerset, England]
1820 Settlers and descendants:
                                              Joseph Trollip*           =            Susannah Crouch*
                                             (1775/6 - 1862)    [m.1794]          (1781 - 1823)
                               Joseph born  in April/May, 1775 in Frome, Selwood,Somerset, England.     
                               Died 22.7.1862, Grahamstown, Cape.
                                              Settlers in Hyman's party on 'Weymouth'.
He married (1st) Susanna Crouch* on 25.9.1794, Frome, Selwood, Somerset, England ; (2nd) Ann Simpson on 8.6.1824 in Cape, South Africa and (3rd) Catherine Robinson in 1856.  His children were:
c.1. *William Trollip   b. 11.4.1796, Frome, Somerset, England; c.14.5.1796; d. 18.8.1875;     he married on 28.6.1818 at St Denys, Warminster, Wiltshire  Patience Everley (born 4.3.1798 in Somerset, England and died 29.7.1876 in Bedford, Cape).  She was the daughter of James Everley and Dinah Everley nee Jennings.  They had 9 children.
c.2. *John Trollip b. 3.3.1798 Frome, Somerset, England; d. 18.8.1875 in Bedford, Cape; m. (1st) Elizabeth ??? b. 1800. [She may have been Elizabeth Elliott married on 9.7.1818 at East Knoyle, Wiltshire as shown on IGI] [2 sons Henry and Edward were killed in the 8th Kaffir War in 1851] and he m. (2nd) Martha Collett on 26.9.1851.  He had 6 children and they lived in Aliwal North - their descendants formed the Afrikaans speaking branch of the family.
c.3.  *Esther Trollip b. 6.1.1800 Frome, Somerset, England; c. 15.2.1800;d. 27.9.1886 6.2.1824 in Cradock, C.C. Samuel Turner James b. 1789(?) - widower with family.
        (born 1789/90? In Westbury, England and died 1.6.1856 at Cradock, Cape).  They had 3 children
c.4. *Stephen Trollip b. Feb, 1802 in Frome, Somerset, England, England;c. 17.4.1802 St John Baptist, Frome Selwood, Somerset, England d. 24.5.1868 Queenstown, Cape; He was a merchant.  m. in ca. 1821/4(?) (1st) *Mary Weller (born 1800 - December in Somerset, married about 1820 at Fort Beaufort, died 1832 in Bathurst); m. (2nd) in 1832/3 in Fort Beaufort, Cape *Jane Morris (b. 1814; d. 27.1.1857) daughter of *John and *Mary Morris; m. (3rd) on 27.10.1857 Queenstown, Cape *Mary Toye Staples nee Warner, (b 9.2.1805 Bristol, England) widow of *John Bath Staples (b. 1798/1800 in Kent, England and daughter of *Henry Warner and *Elizabeth Warner nee Blacker.  He had 22 children in all.
c.5.  *Benjamin Trollip b. Jan.1804 Frome, Selwood, Somerset, England; c. 4.2.1804; d. 19.4.1867; m. on 4.12.1825 in Grahamstown, C.C. *Mary Ann Holmes (b.1808) daughter of *Thomas and *Mary Holmes, Settlers in Sephton's party on Aurora.  They had 10 children:
(i) Charles Benjamin Trollip b. 16.11.1826 Bathurst, C.C.  m.12.8.1852 Colesberg, Cape, Sarah Freemantle, [F6/3.[9]3] daughter of *Samuel Freemantle and *Sarah Freemantle nee Paxton
(ii)  William Trollip b. 27.9.1828; c. 28.9.1828 in the Cape Colony
(iii)  Alfred James Trollip, b. 7.11.1830 Grahamstown, C.C.; d. 27.9.1866; m.   23.12.1857  Mary Ann Edwards. (b. 19.4.1834 Puckelsdorp, Cape; d. 13.2.1879) He was the grandfather of Senator A.E.Trollip and of Justice W.G.Trollip
(iv) Mary Elizabeth Trollip  b. 10.11.1832 Grahamstown, C.C.; died 9.8.1906;
m. ca. 1870 Edward Trotter Lee
(v) Harriet Holmes Trollip b. 20.12.1834 Grahamstown, C.C.; c. 1.2.1835 Grahamstown; m. in ca, 1855 Thomas Hambly Parker (b. 17.9.1832, Grahamstown, C.C.)
(vi ) Margaret Martha Trollip b. ca. 1837; m. John Dold in ca. 1857
(vii) Eliza Trollip b.7.12.1838; m. on 6.7.1853 Charles Joseph Stirk of Grahamstown
(viii) Emily Trollip b. 25.12.1840 Daggaboer, Somerset East, C.C. In ca. 1860 she m. John Early (b. ca. 1835)
(ix) Jessie Trollip; b. ca. 1842/3, Grahamstown. On 27.7.1864 she m. Edmund Webster at the Wesleyan Chapel, Queenstown C.C.
(x)  Alban Trollip b. 12.12.1846 Fort Beaufort, Cape.
c.6. * Rhoda Ann Trollip b. 21.12.1805  Frome,Selwood, Somerset, England.; d. 4.11.1895; m. 6.2.1824 in Grahamstown *James Lydford Collett M.I.C.  Settler in Gen. Campbell's party on SalisburyHe came from Stoudwater, Gloucester and was born on 14.2.1800,  he died 10.8.1876 at Fish River, Cape.   He was a Settler in Gen. Campbell's party on Salisbury.   They had 9 children.
c.7. *Jacob Trollip b. 1808/9; [IGI has birth 7.5.1800 at Brak River, Cradock- this year must obviously be in error]  m. on 14.1.1833 at The Koonap, Cradock (1st) * Rebecca Rogers (1816 - 22.5.1835) of Koonap, Cradock, Cape.  He was stabbed and killed by Xhosas - died 21.2.1859 (or 21.1.1859)  Her family were Settlers in James' party on Weymouth
         Jacob Trollip married (2nd) on 19.3.1839 in Grahamstown (2nd) Margaret Handby. (probably not Margaret Auby as shown on one entry of IGI and on a family tree in Albany museum, Grahamstown) She was born in 1805 in Leeds and died 10.12.1851 in Cradock.
c.8.  *Joseph Anthony Trollip b. 12.3.1810 at Warminster, Wiltshire and died 24.6.1885 at Brakwater, Cradock, C.C.; m. on 24.11.1834 (1st) *Phoebe Whitehead, daughter of *John and Sarah Whitehead, Settlers in Cock's party on WeymouthShe was born 8.11.1815 in Birmingham, England and died 24.11.1889 in Cradock, C.C. She was buried on 25.11.1889.   They had 12 children
c.9. * Mary Ann Trollip b. 1813 in England and d. 13.11.1835 in Grahamstown, C,C.; m. on 29.7.1828 in Grahamstown *John Hayter ( a Settler in Bowker's party on Weymouth.  One of their sons, John Samuel Hayter rendered distinguished services in the Seventh, Eighth and Ninth Kaffir Wars. 
[IGI has John Hayter b. 1814 Warminster, Wiltshire - seems incorrect as makes marriage at age 14.  Shipping lists have him aged 20 in 1820]
Note: For details on the Trollip ancestry refer to the book on this family dating back to 1390 - John Trowlope or Trolope of Thornley, County Durham.  The family in South Africa is well documented, too; see 'The Trollips of South Africa' by D.T.Gordon -Pietermaritzburg, 1971
Notes on baptisms in Albany:
Sarah Crouch, daughter of Richard and Sarah Crouch born 24.1.1825 and baptised 6.3.1825.