Samuel Freemantle and Sarah Elizabeth Freemantle nee Paxton had ten children:
F6/3.[9][12] John Freemantle     Prison Superintendent at Mount Frere
                     b. 10. 1.1828 Grahamstown, C.C.
                     d. 12. 9.1912  Mount Frere (?)
m.     5. 3.1856  Grahamstown
Harriet (Hannah) Miller
                     b. 21. 3.1828 Grahamstown, C.C.
                     d. 18. 5.1873 Mount Frere (?)
                     daughter of *John Miller, Settler in Sephton's party on Brilliant
                     17 children.
            [See under separate section  F6/3.[9][12] John Freemantle  for details]
F6/3.[9]2    Lois Freemantle                                        
                         b. 5. 3. 1832 Grahamstown, C.C.
                         d. 14.4.1884 McLear, Cape
                         m. 12.2.1852 Colesberg, Cape
                          (1st) Samuel Patten Impey   - a storekeeper
                    1 child.
                         b. 10.6.1828 probably the son of George Impey (b.London 1795)
                    d. 23. 7.1851 Koonap Heights,  near Grahamstown, Cape
                    m.   ( unknown when ?)
                    (2nd) Lennox James Bennett - a farmer
                    b. 6. 2.1818  Cape Town, the son of George & Catherina Bennett          
                                      d. 23.2.1885 McClear, Cape
                                      6 children
             [For further details for her two marriages and children see separate   section   F6/3.[9]2  Lois Freemantle]
            F6/3.[9]Sarah Freemantle
                                   b. 5. 3.1832 Grahamstown, C.C.
                                   m. 12. 8.1852 Colesberg, Cape
                                 Charles Benjamin Trollip
                                b. 16.11.1826 Bathurst, C.C., the son of *Joseph Trollip and *Mary        Ann Trollip nee Holmes, Settlers in Hyman's party on Weymouth
[For further details and Trollip family connection see section   F6/3.[9]Sarah Freemantle]
F6/3.[9]4   Samuel Freemantle                                             
                  b. 25.5.1833 Grahamstown
d.                    1855 aged 21 years and 10 months

F6/3.[9]5  Emma Freemantle                                         

                  b. 12. 4. 1835 Grahamstown, C.C.
                           d. 20. 9.1910
                          Casper Henry Hartley  - printer and publisher
                                   b. 6. 3. 1836 Tarka District, son of *William Hartley and *Mary
                                                                                                Hartley nee Cawood
                                   d. 23. 5. 1905 Kimberley, C.P.
                                   13 children.
                           [For further details and the Hartley family connection see
                                    F6/3.[9]5  Emma Freemantle] 
F6/3.[9][13] Charles Freemantle - painter              
                                   b. 28. 5.1837 Grahamstown, C.C.
                                  d. 18. 9.1906 Cradock, Cape
                                   m. 27.8.1878 Cradock, Cape
                           Rachel McDonald
                                   b. 18.12.1850, Winterberg, Cape, daughter of John McDonald and
                                                                        and Mary Love nee Mountcy
                                   d. 23.6.1930 Johannesburg, Transvaal
                                    4 children
                                    [Separate section to follow - F6/3.[9][13] Charles Freemantle ]
F6/3.[9]7 Harriet Freemantle                                       
   b. 18. 5.1840 Grahamstown, C.C.
    m.  4. 1.1860 Queenstown, C.P.
     Reuben Goulding    - a farmer at Bowkers Park
                                     b. 25. 9.1836 Grahamstown, C.C.
                            d. 26.10.1896/7 Klerksdorp, Transvaal
                                     9 children.
                                     [Separate section to follow -  F6/3.[9]7 Harriet Freemantle]
F6/3.[9]8 Elizabeth Freemantle                    
                     b. 18. 5.1832 Grahamstown, C.C.
                     m. 23. 6.1860  Queenstown, C.P.
     Jeremiah Woodland   - auctioneer and general dealer
     No dates traced
                                     4 children
                             [Separate section to follow - F6/3.[9]8 Elizabeth Freemantle]
F6/3.[9]9 Jesse William Freemantle                              
                     b. 1. 4.1844 Border Area, Cape Colony
                     d. 1. 3.1924 Flagstaff, Cape
                    m. 27.3.1867 Queenstown(?)/Cradock(?)
                  Fanny Elizabeth Paxton,  daughter of David Paxton and Harriet
                                                                                     Paxton nee Painter
F6/3.[9]10 Jonathan Freemantle was born in 1847.  He probably died young although no record has been traced as yet.  However, his name did not reflect on the death certificates of his parents with all their other children.