F6/4.[12][13] Samuel Walter Freemantle=Barbara M. S. Hofmeyr.
                           (1861 - 1938)       [m. 1908?]   (1875 - 1960)
Samuel Walter Freemantle was the fourth child of John Freemante and Harriet Freemantle nee Miller.  He was born on 1.2.1861 and he married Barbara Margaretha Susahanna Hofmeyr.  She was born on 4.7.1875 and died on 20.4.1960, twenty-two years after her husband, Samuel, who died on 9.1.1938 at Mount Frere, which is where they lived and where their four children were born.  They were:
F6/5.[13][A] Fred Wilfred Freemantle, born 25.6.1909 and he was married in 1936 at Tsolo, Transkei to Emmerentia Bezuidenhout , who was born in Tsolo and they had seven children:
F6/6.[A]a   Lorraine Maureen Freemantle, born 18.9.1937.
F6/6.[A]b   Fred Walter Freemantle, born 23.5.1940 and died  27.8.1940
F6/6.[A]c   Irene Merl Freemantle, born 18.11.1941
F6/6.[A]d  Ronnie Winston Freemantle, born 15.8.1943 and he married (1st) June Washer; there were two children of this marriage
                                    F6/7.d[1a]  Angela Freemantle
                                    F6/7.d[1b]  Mark Freemantle;
                  Then, Ronnie Winston Freemantle married (2nd) Moyra Engelbrecht and there was one child of this second marriage,
                                    F6/7.d.[1c] Tracy Freemantle.
F6/6.[A]e  Joyce Shirley Freemantle, born 27,8,1946.
F6/6.[A]f   Donovan Errol Freemantle, born 20.11.1957.
F6/6.[A]g  Billy Vernon Freemantle, born 26.6.59
F6/5.[13][B] Clifford Walter Gordon Freemantle,  who was born on 5.2,1911 at Mount Frere and he became a mechanic.  On 19.9.1938 he married Eileen Dorothy Cromhout, the daughter of Ignatius Cromhout and Patience Cromhout nee Hulley.  She was born on 13.11.1911 at Mount Frere and they had six children:
F6/6.[B]a Victor Neville Freemantle, born 27.8.1939 in Kokstad and he became a Technical Fitter. On 18.4.1960 in Durban he married Phyllis Elizabeth Geithrie, who was born on 3.7.1937 in Durban and they had three children:
F6/7.a[2a]  Carol Lynn Freemantle, born 18.1.1960 in Durban
F6/7.a[2b]  Vicki Ann Freemantle,  born 27.8.1962 in Durban
F6/7.a[2c]   Trevor Freemantle,  born 16.4.1967 in Durban
F6/6.[B]b Maureen Freemantle, born 26.9.1941 at Flagstaff and died there on 2.1.1942
F6/6.[B]c Lyle Myrtle Freemantle, born 31.12.1943 in Port Shepstone and she married Colin Reginald Geithrie.  He was born on 13.7.1942 in Durban and he was a locksmith.  They had two children:
c.1.        Nico Geithrie and
c.2.      Bruce Geithrie.
F6/6.[B]da David Llewellyn Freemantle, who was born on 5.9.1947 in Melmoth and he was also a locksmith.  He married on 15.11.1968 Elizabeth Johanna Susanna Coetzee, who was born on 30.4.1952 and they had two children:
F6/7.da[3a] Steven Freemantle, born 17.2.1969 in Durban and
          F6/7.da[3b]Gary Gordon Freemantle, born 24.11.1970 also in   Durban.
F6/6.[B]e Michael Gordon Freemantle, who was born on 5.11.1948 at Eshowe and he became a technician.  He married on 30.10.1968 in Durban Colleen Louise Fagan, who was born on 7.9.1951 in Durban and they had three children, all born in Durban:
F6/7.c[4a]  Michelle Colleen Freemantle, born 6.2.1969.
F6/7.c[4b]  Shaun Michael Freemantle,  born 2.4.1970.
F6.7.c[4c]  Paul Gregory Freemantle, born 26.4.1973.
F6/6.[B]f George Arthur Freemantle , born 29.4.1950 in Port Shepstone and died 1.5.1950, also in Port Shepstone.
F6/5.[13][C]  Ethna Mildred Freemantle,  was born on 16.1.1912 at Mount Frere and she married there on 11.5.1934 Clarence Cromhout, who was a trader.  He was born on 1.12.1914 at Mount Frere and he died 10.7.1966 in Zululand.  They had two children:
c.1.       Errol Cromhout and
c.2.      Anthony Cromhout.
F6/5.[13][D]  Alfred Ellington Freemantle, born 4.5.1914 at Mount Frere and he died in 1974(?) at Pietermaritzburg.  He was unmarried.