F6/5.F[E] Olive Frances Freemantle   =   Donald Penfold
                       (1828 -           )        [m. 1954]    (1928 -         )
Olive Frances Freemantle   was the fourth child and only daughter of Oliver Woodland Freemantle's second marriage.  Her mother was Dorothy Frances Freemantle nee Mates and Olive Frances Freemantle was born on 5.10.1928 in Britstown, Cape Prvince.
On 13.3.1954 in Lansdowne, Cape, she married Donald Penfold, the son of Henry George Penfold and Isobel Charlotte Penfold nee de la Chaumette.  Donald became an electrical engineer and Olive Frances became a telegraphist.  They had 3 children, as follows:
            c.1.  Stephen Wayne Penfold
                    b. 30. 5.1955 Kitwe, Northern Rhodesia
            c.2.  Jennifer Lynn Penfold
                    b. 11.11.1958 Kitwe, Northern Rhodesia
            c.3.  Denise Marcelle Penfpld
                    b. 14. 2. 1961 Kitwe, Northern Rhodesia