F6/5.F[F]  Neville Bailey Freemantle   =   Wilhelmina Johanna Kitshoff
                        (1931 -       )          [m. 1957]           (1925 -     )

Neville Bailey Freemantle   was the fifth child and fourth son (although one son died young) of the second marriage of Oliver Woodland Freemantle.  His mother was Dorothy Frances Freemantle nee Mates and he was born in Maclear on 5. 7. 1931.

His mother, Dorothy Frances Mates was born in England, at Arundel, Sussex - the Duke of Norfolk County on 26.8.1893.  She died in August, on 16th, 1959.
On 28.12.1957 Neville Bailey Freemantle was married in the Dutch Reformed Church, Cape Town to Wilhelmina Johanna Kitshoff, the daughter of Matthys Jakobus Kitshoff (who died 1945) and Maria Elizabeth Kitshoff nee Lombard.   His wife, Wilhelmina Johanna Kitshoff, was born in Stellenbosch on 13th May 1925.
His occupation was that of Principal Works Inspector of Buildings and there were two children of the marriage, who were:
F6/6.[F]ab Erica Frances Freemantle
                    b. 23.10.1959 Oranjemund, South West Africa
m.     ??? Loftus
F6/6.[F]bc Michael Freemantle
                           b. 25. 2.1962