F6/3.[9]2    Lois Freemantle  =     (1st) Samuel Patten Impey
                      (1829 - 1884)   [m. 1849]       (1828  -  1851)
                                                 =     (2nd) Lennox James Bennett
                                                [1852 +]  (1818 -  1884)
Lois Freemantle was the second child of *Samuel Freemantle and *Sarah Elizabeth Freemantle nee Paxton.  She was born in Grahamstown on 7.12.1829, one of a family of ten children.  Her parents remained in Grahamstown until she was at least 14, possibly longer, so she grew up in that town.  When she was twenty-one, she married on 20.2.1849 Samuel Patten Impey.  He was born on 10.6.1828 at Whitby in Yorkshire.
[Note:  Cerificate traced for George Impey - born London 1795 and died 9.7.1866 in King Williams Town  -  came to South Africa in 1844.  This was probably the father of Samuel Patten Impy, and George's parents were William Impey and Sarah Deane]]
Lois and Samuel Patten Impy had one child, George Samuel Impey who was born in 1850.
Samuel Patten Impy was a storekeeper in Fort Beaufort and on 23.7.1851, while travelling from Grahamstown, he was ambushed on the Koonap Heights by rebel Hottentots and murdered.
Lois Impy nee Freemantle married (2nd) Lennox James Bennett (the date of this marriage is not known, but may have been about 1853/4).   He was born on 6.2.1818 in Cape Town and his parents were George and Catherine Bennett nee Stretch and apparently they were living in Cape Town prior to the arrival of the 1820 Settlers in the Cape Colony.   He was christened on 24.1.1819
Lennox James Bennett was a farmer in the McLear district where they both lived and, eventually, died within two months of each other.  Lennox James Bennett died on 23.2.1884, aged 66 and Lois Bennett nee Freemantle died on 14.4.1884, aged 55.  There were six children of this marriage, but it is of interest to note that on both their death certificates Lois' first son, by Samuel Patten Impy, is listed with the other children.  He was only about one year old when his father was killed and had obviously been brought up within the family, as if he was his own, by his step-father, Lennox James Bennett.
The children were:
c.1. George Samuel Impy  (b. 9.4.1850 Fort Beaufort, Cape)[IGI shows he m. Lilly Maria Flannigan }
c.2. Lennox George Bennett [no date on parent's death certificates but about 1854 shown on IGI to fit with marriage about 1853]
c.3. Michael St.Ledger Bennett  [birth shown on IGI as about 1859 in Cape]
c.4. John Bennett    [Birth shown on IGI as about1856 in Cape and married 8.11.1864 to Lydia Ball in Cape Town]
   c.5. James Henry Bennett  (b. 1870) [IGI shows he married Mary McFaddew on 12.12.1870, Cape.]
c.6. Catherine Bennett  [IGI shows born ca. 1861]
c.7. Ellen Henrietta Bennett (b. 1867)  [IGI shows birth about 1867 in the Cape]
[In the 1970's there was a photograph of the last two children, Ellen and Kate, in the possession of Ernest Freemantle, of Plantation Road, Bedfordview, Transvaal.  This was dated 14.10.1879, East London,  E.P.]
From a letter written by Jill Thorton Archer -  10.10.1971
The first time I saw Ernest Freemantle, he turned up at my house, carrying Lois Freemantle's workbox from the museum, which he said he had brought to show me because he knew my sister (May) had been called Lois -  he knew all about our family, told me where each was living and exactly where we had lived from small children till now!!  I was astounded that the museum had let him take the box away, but he told me that it had always been locked and no one had been able to open it - they gave him permission to take it to a locksmith, at his own expense, and on the way there, when braking suddenly it fell off his wife's lap and hit the floor of the car with a thump.  Thoroughly alarmed, they grabbed at it and found it was open!  -  evidently a secret knob or something.
[Note: on 1.10.1851 John Bennett was appointed Lieutenant in the Mancazana Fingo Levy]
From:  E. Morse Jones -  The Albany Chronicle.
There are various references in this publication to the Bennett family, such as:
May, 1844  -                  Ann Bennett.  Samuel Bennett (the younger)
                                    Ann, daughter of Samuel married Joseph Taylor
Also in September, 1821 and May 1923; in December, 1831; June and September 1835; December 1838 there are references to Samuel Bennett
And in September, 1821 a reference to Thomas Bennett.
Notes on baptisms in Albany:
Thomas Bennett, son of Samuel and Ann Bennett born on 28.2.1820 and baptised 5.9.1821.
Susan Bennett, daughter of Catherine and George Bennett born 26.6.1822 and baptised 1.9.1822.
Information from Miss Hudson of Cape Town given to Mrs Gemmell in June, 1953:
Lois Freemantle, daughter of Samuel and granddaughter of Richard married Mr. C [?] S. Impey, who with four companions was shot by a force of rebel Hottentots near the top of Koonap Hill, when travelling by post cart from Grahamstown to Fort Beaufort in 1852.
From the Government Archives in Cape Town:
The daughter of Samuel Freemantle married Mr. S. P. Impey, who was murdered by rebel Hottentots on the Koonap Heights in July, 1851.
From Ruth May:
As I recall from the memory of visiting the Albany Museum in Grahamstown, two items of Lois Freemantle's needlework, can be seen there.  One made when she was apparently about aged 8 and not completed and the other is a sampler, also stitched when she was still a child, which reads:
                        Remember thou thy Creator in
                        The days of thy youth while the
                        Evil days come not nor the year
                        Draw nigh where thou shalt say
                        I have no pleasure in them
                                    Lois Freemantle
                                    Aged 9 years
From a book on the Hart, Brown and Impey families in the possession of the Brownes of Glen Avon, Somerset East, Cape.
Samuel Patten Impey married Miss Freemantle of Grahamstown and opened a business in Fort Beaufort.  While returning from Grahamstown he was ambushed and murdered  (Kaffir War  1850), left one son, George Samuel [Impey]
Further information may be obtained from:
'The Family History of the Impeys and Harts', printed at the Mission Press, Palmerton,  1937. 
Or 'About the Impeys' by E. A. Impey,  Worcester England, 1963.