F6/3.[9][12] John Freemantle     =     Harriet Miller.
            (1828 -1912)   [m.1856]  (1828 - 1873)
John Freemantle was the eldest child of Samuel Freemantle* and Sarah Freemantle nee Paxton*.   He was born on 10.1.1828 in Grahamstown.  Not much detail of his life has been traced, but on 5.3.1856 he married in Grahamstown Harriet (Hannah) Miller, the eldest daughter of John Miller*, a Settler in Gush's division of Sephton's party on 'Brilliant'.   She was also born in Grahamstown on 21.3.1828.  Her uncle, William Miller, was the founder of the Baptist Church in South Africa.
John Freemantle became a Prison Superintendent at Mount Frere and he died in that town, aged 84, on 12.9.1912, some thirty-nine years after the death of his wife Harriet on 18.5.1873. They had a very large family but it has not been possible to elicit details of all of them.
[Note: It is claimed that there were 17 children of this marriage, at least six of whom died young.  However, the marriage only lasted 17 years until Harriet's death, so this may well not be correct, unless she had twins]
[For further details on party and ship 'Brilliant' refer to sections on the following families, Penny, Pitt, Cyrus and Jenkins as all these families were fellow passengers with the Miller Family Settlers]
The known children of the marriage of John and Harriet Freemantle nee Miller were:
F6/4.[12]A Henry John Freemantle, born 29.12.1856 and died 13.9.1880.  No   further details have been traced.
F6/4.[12]B Louisa Emma Freemantle, born 16.8.1858 and died 15.4.1859 as an infant.
F6/4.[12]C Frederick Charles Freemantle, born 18.7.1859 and died in 1945 in Matatiele.  He became a trader and a farmer and was unmarried.
F6/4.[12][13] Samuel Walter Freemantle,  (1861 - 1938) for details see under his individual section hereunder.
F6/4.[12]E Alfred Ellington Freemantle, born 29.4.1862 in Queenstown and he died on 12.10.1925 in Lydenberg.  He became a prospector and he was married to Evelyn Sophia Meek.  There was no issue of this marriage. 
From: Death Notice/Certificate of Alfred Ellington Freemantle.
Born:  Queenstown  -  British
Wife:   Evelyn Sophia Freemantle
Died at Onverwacht Mine - Lydenberg  12.10.1925
Permanent address:  Ongemakt, P. O. Swartfolozi, Vryheid District.
From his Estate: money to his brother, Frederick Charles Freemantle, P.O. Mataliele;
To his eldest brother, Samuel Walter Freemantle, Mount Frere, E.Q.;
To his brother, Arthur Freemantle, Mount Frere, E.Q. and
To his sister, Anna Maria Willmer nee Freemantle in Livingstone, Northern Rhodesia.
F6/4.[12]F George Arthur Freemantle, born 29.10.1863 and he died on 17.11.1931 at Mount Frere, but was buried at Umtata.  He married (1st) Molly ?(?) ?   Then, at Mount Frere, he married [in about 1888 as shown on IGI] (2nd) Amalia Amelia Augusta Schaeffer who was a widow with three children and there was one child of this marriage:  F6/5.F[A] Donavan Freemantle, who died young.
F6/4.[12]G Harriet Eliza Freemantle, born 25.7.1866 and died 26.5.1926.  She married a Mr. ?(?) ? McCabe.  There was no issue of the marriage. [??IGI records a Mr McCabe born on 31.5.1860 at the Cape, the son of John McCabe and Magdelena Maria Antoinette Liesching]
F6/4.[12]H Anna Maria Freemantle, born 16.7.1868 and she was married in Livingston to a Mr  A. ?(?)? Willmer. In the 1970's they were living in Zambia.   No further details are known of them.
F6/4.[12]Lennox James Freemantle,  born 16.10.1870 and died (date incomplete) on 23rd. ?(?)?.
F6/4.[12]Annie Freemantle.   Few details of her have been traced except that she married a Mr ?(?) ? Werner and there were no children of the marriage. [Perhaps this is a duplicate of Anna Maria Freemantle who married a Mr Willmer ?]
F6/4.[12]K Walter Freemantle.  Nothing is known about him at all.  [It may be that his name is a duplicate of Samuel Walter Freemantle above F6/4.[12][13] ? as no other information is available about him but his name; otherwise he may have died young.]
F6/4.[12]L Robert Freemantle;  the only information traced is that his wife's name was Ethna Mildred ?(?) ?