F6/3.[9]9 Jesse William Freemantle    =     Fanny Elizabeth Paxton
                 (1844 - 1924)                [m.  1867 ]      ( 1842   -   1929   )
Jesse William Freemantle was the ninth child of *Samuel Freemantle and *Sarah Elizabeth Freemantle nee Paxton.    He was born in the Border Area of Albany on 1.4.1844.
His father, Samuel Freemantle had been assisting with the building of the Manley Mission in 1829; he had reopened his business and was working as a house painter in 1833; he opened a grocery shop in Grahamstown in 2837, but his property and merchandise were sold on 10.7.1839.  He had apparently returned to his painting business by the end of that year and purchased Samuel Bradshaw's farm near Bathurst where Benjamin Booth was in charge.  However, it is not known exactly where Samuel and Sarah Freemantle were in April, 1844, at the time of Jesse William Freemantle's birth, which was recorded as in 'the border area'.
Jesse William Freemantle became a trader and. later, a farmer at Tarkastad in the eastern Cape Province.  He was married in Tarkastad [IGI has Flagstaff and/or Queenstown] by the Rev. H. H. Dugmore on 27.3.1867 to *Fanny Elizabeth Paxton, of Grahamstown, his mother's niece.  She was the daughter of *David Paxton (b. 1817) and *Harriet Matilda Paxton nee Painter (b.1819 London) and the granddaughter of *Jesse Paxton, all Settlers in Dixon's party on the Ocean.  The Painter family were Settlers in Shephton's party on AuroraSo this couple were cousins, that is, children of a brother and sister.  Fanny Elizabeth Paxton was born on 28.7.1842 in Grahamstown.
There were eight children of the marriage, the first being born in Queenstown in 1868 and the second in Tarkastad in 1870.   By 1879 they were, apparently, living in the Transkei, probably at Umtata.
This further information supplied in an email from Milner Snell received 2th July 2007:
You might be interested in this information about Jesse William Freemantle, son of Samuel Freemantle and grandson of Richard.  Jesse was trading on the Osborn Mission Station in the Mount Frere district in the 1870s.  By the mid-1880s he was on the Mtshazi trading station just outside of Mount Frere.  It was reported in the Kokstad Advertiser on 29 April 1927 that: The old established trading station of Mtshazi, which has long been in the possession of the Freemantle family, is to come under the auctioneer's hammer next month.  It is famous for it's orange grove and Mtshazi oranges are famous far and wide and prove a good source of income to the occupier of the station.

It was reported in the Kokstad Advertiser on 19 April 1929 that Fanny Freemantle, widow of the late Jesse Willaim Freemantle had died on 12 April in Cape Town.
Jesse William Freemantle died on 1.3.1924 at Flagstaff, Cape.
Their children were:
F6/4.9Aa Amy Millicent Freemantle                              
             b. 26. 6. 1868 Queenstown, C.P.
d.              1953(?) Johannesburg
 m. Albert Sobey
2 children:
            c.1. Edgar Sobey
            c.2. Phyllis Sobey m. George Cuthbert
F6/4.9Ba  Percy William Freemantle
             b. 24. 3.1870 Tarkastad, E.P.
d.                    1960 Matatiele,  East Griqualand
m.                    1892 Mount Frere, Transkei                          
Ada Blanche Cowen, daughter of Robert Corlett Cowen and
                                      Sarah Ann Cowen nee Acton
2 children:
                F7/5.Ba[A] Ronald Percy CowenFreemantle
                                     b. 8. 3. 1894 Mount Frere, Transkei
                                     d.  ?. 4. 1917 in the Royal Flying Corps
                                                                   in World War I
F7/5.Ba[B] Lulu Dorothia Freemantle
                     b. 31.10.1897 Mount Frere, Transkei
                d. in the 1980's(?)  Matatiele, East Griqualand
F6/4/.9Ca Charles White Freemantle
                   b. 2. 10.1872 Cradock, Cape.
                          died young
F6/4/9Da  Minnie Lois Freemantle                                 
                   b. 25.12.1874 Cradock, Cape  [IGI has date as 5.12.1874 probably in error]
                                died young (?)
F6/4.9Ea  Clifford Bailey Freemantle
                   b. 28. 6.1876 probably in Umtata, Transkei (?)
d.             1889, aged 13 years, in Umtata
F6/4.9Fa   Oliver Woodland Freemantle
                   b. 18. 2.1879 Transkei  {IGI has birth in Elliot, Cape]
              d. 18. 1.1949 Cape Town
                          m. 25. 9.1907 Fort Beaufort, Cape
 (1st) Muriel Selina Goldsmith
b.                      1882 - Divorced  5. 11. 1920
m. 9.12.1920 Wynberg, Cape Town.
                 (2nd) Dorothy Frances Mates
                 b. 26.8.1893 Arendal, Sussex, England
d. 16.8.1959 Cape Town
5 children -  see separate section F6/4.9Fa  
F6/4.9Ga  Walter Harry Paxton Freemantle 
                  b. 27. 3.1881 Umtata, Transkei
             d.   2.  6.1958 Umtata, Transkei
                                 m. (1st)  Rose Wedderburn
                 b.            (?)          - Divorced 1918   -  no issue
            [IGI has Rose Winifred Wedderburn born 25.10.1882, daughter of
             William Richard Whiting Wedderburn and Leanora Eales, which probably applies -  and/or another entry shows born ca. 1885]
                m. (2nd) Elsie Flowers        
                 b. 28. 1.1887 Theale, England
             d.30. 5.1963 Cape Town
2 children - see separate section F6/4.9Ga 
F6/4.9Ha  Katie May Freemantle
                 b. 19.11.1882 Umtata, Transkei                                                             
                   m. George Gibbs
               5 children - the eldest was called May Gibbs