F6/3.[9]7 Harriet Freemantle    =     Reuben Goulding
                (1840 - 1902)         [m. 1860]   (1836 - 1896)
Harriet Freemantle was the seventh child of *Samuel Freemantle and *Sarah Elizabeth Freemantle nee Paxton.  She was born on 18.5.1840 in Grahamstown C,C.
She married on 4.1.1860 in Queenstown, C.P. Reuben Goulding the son of *George Goulding and *Sarah Goulding nee Pike.  In fact both the Goulding and Pike families were Settlers in Calton's party on the 'Albury'. There were two marriages between these families (i) Harriet Freemantle and Reuben Goulding and (ii) between their son Thomas Pike Goulding and her Uncle Richard's granddaughter, Ethel Freemantle. 
[Details of the Goulding Family Connection are given under F3/5.[4][B] (Ethel Margaretta Goulding). Descendants of both Harriet and Elizabeth married into the Tucker Family of Johanneburg; some details also under F3/5.[4][B]].
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Reuben Goulding was also born in Grahamstown, on 25.9.1836 and he became a farmer at Bowker Park. He was the son of *George Goulding (1799 - 12.9.1869) and *Sarah Goulding nee Pike (These parents married 14.11.1823).  Eventually, Harriet and Reuben moved to the Witwatersrand and he died in Klerksdorp on 26.10.1896.
Both Harriet Goulding nee Freemantle and her eldest daughter, Ellen Hartley nee Goulding, who married Joseph Hartley, kept dairies during the Anglo-Boer War, at about the time of the siege of Kimberley [15th October, 1899 - 15th February, 1900].   Ellen was living in Kimberley prior to and at the time of the siege and her diary covers that period.  It tells of their day-to-day experiences and particularly about their difficulties in obtaining food and warding off starvation.
[The original of Ellen's diary is now in the possession of Harriet's great grandsons, Kenneth, Michael and Merrick, sons of Alan Goulding.  Also a copy of this and, in addition, the original of Harriet Goulding's diary is held by her granddaughter, Mrs. Margaret Deane.]
Margaret Deane wrote:
'Harriet's diary was written just after the actual siege, when they were still feeling the effects of it.  She apparently had to flee from the Rand with her youngest daughter, Ivy, and they arrived in Kimberley by train.  She stayed with her daughter, Ellen and husband, Joe, all through the siege until they were able to get permits to enable them to go back to Johannesburg again.   She was a widow at the time as Reuben had died about 4 years before the siege.  My father Thomas (Goulding) was 21 years old at the time and he was guarding cattle for the De Beers Diamond Mine during the siege.'
Harriet Goulding died in 1902 in Johannesburg.  There were nine children of her marriage to Reuben.  The name Goulding is from the Old English meaning "gold".
The children of Harriet Goulding nee Freemantle and Reuben Goulding were:

c.1. Ellena Maria Goulding

       b.  4.10.1860 Bowkers Park, C.C.(?)

       m. Joe Hartley

       No issue

c.2. Harriet Emma Goulding

       b. 11.12.1863 Queenstown, Cape

       d. 18. 5. 1952 Johannesburg, Transvaal
       m. 29.11.1881 Jaggersfontein, Transvaal
       John Edwin Tucker, son of Kidger Tucker and Sarah Ann Tucker nee Hartley
       b. 13. 3.1859 Cradock, Cape
       d. 31. 7.1945 East London, E.P.
       9 children
c.3. Charles Freemantle Goulding - Farmer
       b. 6.10.1864 Sherwood Farm, Cradock, C.P.
       d. 14.11.1946 Kroonstad
       m.          1889
       Mary E. Campbell b. ca. 1869
       5 children
c.4. Jessie Pike Goulding
       b.  26. 3.1865 Sherwood Farm, Cradock, C.P.
       m. Eddie Wayland
       b.                               They lived in South West Africa
       d. 15. 8.1929
       13 children                 They lost 2 sons in the Rebellion
c.5. George Goulding
       b.  4.10.1867 Bowkers Park, C.C.
       m. ca, 1892 Lydia ??? in Pretoria, Transvaal
       b. 21.10. 1872
       9 children
c.6. Lois Paxton Goulding
       b. 10. 1.1869
       m. in 1889 Thomas E. Shires
       b.  8. 5. 1864
       6 children
c.7. Harry Hartley Goulding
       b. 15. 7.1872 Sherwood Farm
c.8. Ivy Goulding
       b.  5. 6.1878 Pretoria, Transvaal
d.                    1958 Pretoria, Transvaal
       m. in 1902 Pretoria, Transvaal  [IGI also has marriage date of 1917(?)]
       Walter Gritten
       b.  7. 5.1882
       d.          1973 Pretoria
       3 children
c.9.Thomas Pike Goulding
      b. 28.12.1880 Kimberley, C.P.
  1. 8. 8.1959 Zastron, O.F.S.
m. 16.2.1910 Johannesburg, Transvaal
      Ethel Margareta Freemantle, daughter of William Roberts Freemantle and
                                                Martha Margaretha Freemantle nee Joubert
       b. 18. 9. 1887 Burgersdorp, C.P.
       d. 30.  9.1967 Ladysmith, Natal
From: 'The Story of the British Settlers of 1820 in South Africa - H. E. Hockly
GOULDING    -    George 21, Carpenter; party Calton's; ship Albury
-          Thomas 28, Gardener; wife Mary (or Elizabeth) 27; family
George 6; William 3; party Calton's; ship Albury
For the extract from 'The Settlers Handbook' by M. D. Nash on this party refer to the section under WF5a The Bradfield Family Connection.