F6/3.[9]5  Emma Freemantle       =      Casper Henry Hartley
                    (1835 - 1910)        [m. ca.1861]  (1836 - 1905)

Emma Freemantle was the fifth child and the third daughter of *Samuel Freemantle and    Sarah Elizabeth Freemantle nee Paxton.  She was born on 12.4.1835 in Grahamstown and she married (exact date not traced, about 1861) Casper Henry Hartley.   He was born on 6.3.1836 in the Tarka District and was the son of *William and *Mary Hartley, Settlers with William's father *Thomas Hartley in Calton's party on 'Albury'
[Note: For details on this party and ship refer under the Bradfield Family Connection in the Warner section of this collection under WF5a Bradfield/Wright Connection and under the section called the Goulding Family Connection within FF3a Wm. Roberts Freemantle and two daughters  -  F3/5.[4][B] Ethel Margareta Freemantle = Thomas Pike Goulding]
Casper Henry Hartley became a printer and publisher in Kimberley and there were 13 children of this marriage. He was born about 1836 and died aged 69 years and 2 months on 23.5.1905 in Kimberley and his widow lived a further five years, dying aged 75 years and 5 months on 20.9.1910 at the home of their son, Lennox Hartley, at 11, Bean Street, Kimberley.
Their children were:
c.1.  Ellen Winifred (Nellie) Hartley           b. ca. 1862  - died young
        [IGI shows a birth in about 1862 of an Ellen Winifred Hartley]
c.2.  Henry Clement Hartley                           b. ca, 1864
c.3.  Edward Paxton Hartley                          b. ca. 1866
c.4.  Lennox Hartley                                      b. ca. 1868
c.5.  Emma Louisa Hartley                             b. 23.4.1863 in King Willaims Town, C.P.
c.6.  Mary Elizabeth Hartley                           b. 6.10.1864 in King Williams Town, C.P
c.7.  Sarah Ann Hartley                                 b. ca. 1874
c.8.  Lois Hartley   -   died young                   b. ca. 1876  - died young
c.9.  Samuel Patten Hartley                          b. ca. 1878
c.10. William Bennett Hartley              b. ca. 1880
c.11. Alice Maud Hartley                                b. ca. 1882; m. A. Bates -  no issue
c.12. Charles Vincent Hartley                         b. ca. 1884
c.13. Florence Holmes (Flossie) Hartley      b. ca. 1886 - died 1963