F.F.5 - Freemantle Family - Richard(2nd)'s Afrikaaner Descendants.
          F1/2. [1][2]Richard Freemantle*(2nd)'s children were:
         (From the first marriage:)
F3/3[2][3]) William [ Richard?] Freemantle (1827-1868).  See separate  sections FF.1 and FF.2   for direct descent.
Very little has been traced regarding the other four children; that is those from the second marriage of F1/2.[1][2]Richard (2nd) Freemantle and his second wife, Elizabeth Hannah Freemantle nee Hall, except the actual genealogical line of his son, F5/3.[2]4 George Richard Freemantle (1st), most of whom are Afrikaans speaking.  However, what is known about their children is as follows
F5/3.[2]1 Ellen Ann Freemantle, (1838- ?) was the first child of the marriage between Richard Freemantle and Elizabeth Hannah Freemantle nee Hall.  She was born on 5th August,1838 in Port Elizabeth and she married (1st) Henry Walker, who was a soldier, in KingWilliamsTown on 16.4.1866 and she married (2nd) Dr. ?(?) Lamb, [according to family members] probably in the United Kingdom and that is where she died.
[Recorded in the British Census, 1881 there was an Ellen Ann Lamb of Cape of Good Hope - born 1842, aged 39, married Alfred Lamb and he was born 1841, aged 40, born at West Bromwich, Stafford, England and residing at 70, Rea Street, Birmingham, Warwick, England.  However, he was designated as a labourer and head of the household,, so perhaps the title given above from family recollection of 'Doctor' is in error or this is not the Ellen Ann Freemantle in question.]
F5/3.[2]2 Frances Elizabeth Freemantle, (1840- ?) She was born on 10.2.1840 in Port Elizabeth and she married ??(?) Pos.(or Posse ?)  Nothing more has been traced but it seems that they had a child, Richard Pos, who was born at the Little Fish River.
F5/3.[2]3 Robert John Freemantle,  who was possibly born in 1841 in Port Elizabeth, but this is unconfirmed and no other information has been traced.
F5/3.[2]4 George Richard Freemantle, (1st) was the fourth child and second son of Richard Freemantle and Elizabeth Hannah Freemantle nee Hall.  He was born on 4th June, 1843 in Port Elizabeth and  he married in 1866 in Jansenville Catherina Suzana Johanna Maria van den Berg.  She was born on 3rd March, 1844 probably in Holland and was the daughter of Susannah Catherina and Jacobus Wilhelmus van den Berg.  George Richard Freemantle became a Park Manager and, although all their children were born in Jansenville, the youngest one in 1885, both he and his wife died in Uitenhage, he on 14.6.1918 and his wife during July 1926.  They were buried next to one another in the Uitenhage cemetery their graves only being marked 'Father and Mother'.  Many of their family were still living in that town in 1972 and some members are probably still to be found there. They had ten children:
F5/4.4A Susana Catherina Freemantle, born 22.1.1868, baptised on 22.11.1869.  She died as an infant on 21.11.1869
F5/4.4B Sarah Freemantle, born 22.6.1869 and she married in June 1885, Johannes Nel in Uitenhage.  She died there on 25.4.1955.
 F5/4.4C Johanna Francina Maria Charlotte Freemantle,  she was born in Jansenville like her siblings in 1871  She married (1st) Mnr. ??? Grobler, date unknown and (2nd) on 12.4.1915 Mnr. ??? Fouche, aged 50, and he was a farmer.  She died on 1.6.1946.
  F5/4.4D Catherina Joanna Maria Freemantle,  born 11.7.1872 and she married in Uitenhage on 20.2.1896, George William Edward Bubb, a railwayman.  She died on 20.2.1896 in Uitenhage.
[Here again, the death given was according to family recollection or diaries, but IGI has the date as 10th May, 1951.]
  F5/4.4E Jacobus Wilhelmus Freemantle(1st), born 7.7.1875.  When he was young he was a soldier, then he became a Machinist, joined the South African Railways as a policeman and, later, was a farmer.  He married (1st) Adrianna Johanna van Loggenberg on 20.5.1903 in Uitenhage.  She was born on 17.9.1884 and confirmed in the Dutch Reformed Church on 28.4.1903 in Uitenhage.  She died there in 1911.  He married (2nd) Susanna Christina Adriana Knoetze on 21.10.1912 in Uitenhage and there were eleven children of this second marriage. He died on 23.1.1945 in Kirkwood.  [IGI has the date of his  2nd marriage as 12.10.1912]
There were three children of the first marriage, a son and two daughters:
F5/5.E[A]George Richard Freemantle, [IV] born in Uitenhage in 1904 and married there on 29.5.1930 to Emily Matilda Shaw.  She was born in the Stockenstroom district on 23.1.1905 and they had four children:
 F5/6.[A]a Thomas Jacobus Freemantle, born 10.3.1933 in Uitenhage. He became a railwayman and he married in Despatch on 14.12.1957 Sarah Gouws (born 26.3.1935). Their four children were:
F5/7.a[1a]  Deon Freemantle (born 18.12.1960);
F5/7.a[1b] Amore Freemantle (born 18.3.1963);  
F5/7.a[1c]   a child who died young and
F5/7.a[1d] Delmaine Freemantle (born 31.5.1967).
  F5/8[1a](1a) etc. for Deon's children.
  F5/8[1d](2a) etc. for Delmaine's children
F5/6[A]b. George Richard Freemantle(VI), born 19.10.1938 in Uitenhage.  He became a railwayman and he married Christina Wolfaard on 8.12 1962 in Port Elizabeth and they had four children:
F5/7.b[2a] Perrie Freemantle (born 21.1.1964);
F5/7.b[2b] Chrystal Freemantle (born 7.8.1966);  
F5/7.b[2c] Suezette Freemantle (born 25.9.1967); 
F5/7.b[2d]  Morne Freemantle (born 18.7.1970).
    F5/8.[2a]3a etc. for Perrie's children.
    F5/8.[2d]4a etc. for Morne's children
F5/6.[A]c Christina Maria Freemantle, born 28.4.1932 in Uitenhage.  She married there on 14.4.1952 Harry Thomas Jacobs.  He was born on 19.1.1932 in Grahamstown and he was a Fitter and Turner.  They had one child, c.1. Colin James Jacobs (born 24.6.1955 in Upington.)
F5/6.[A]d Patricia Joan Freemantle, born 18.8.1935 in Uitenhage. She married on 12.12.1956 ?(?)? van Loggerenberg.  There was no issue of this marriage.
F5/5.E[B] Christina Freemantle, who was the daughter of Jacobus Wilhelmus Freemantle(1st) first marriage and she was born on 19.10.1906 in Uitenhage and married on 15.7.1939 Jan Jacobus Stephanus du Toit .  They lived (in 1989) in Middle Street, Kirkwood, 6120) and they had one child called c.1.Susannah du Toit (born 25.10.1945 in Kirkwood)
F5/5.E[C] Catherina Sarah Johanna Maria Freemantle, the youngest child of Jacobus Wilhelmus Freemantle(1st)'s first marriage and she was born on 24.5.1909 in Uitenhage and died in 1928. She was unmarried.
The eleven children of the second marriage of F5/4.4E Jacobus Wilhelmus Freemantle and Susanna Christina Adrianna Knoetze are as follows:
F5/5.E[D] Susannah Christina Freemantle, who was the first child of Jacobus Wilhelmus Freemantle's second marriage was born on 7.8.1913 in Uitenhage and she married J. S. Fourie, a builder.  They lived (1989) at 15, President Steyn Street, Despatch, 6220; also at one time at 50, Botha Street, Despatch.
F5/5.E[E] Sarah Freemantle, the second daughter of the second marriage, was born on 4.11.1914 in Uitenhage and she married Mathew Calitz, the Manager of the Citrus Co-Op in Patensie and they lived (1989) at 19, Oribi Street, Jeffreys Bay.
F5/5.E[F] Jacobalina Wilhelmina Freemantle, the third daughter of the second marriage, was born on 4.2.1916 in Uitenhage and married Christiaaan du Toit, a farmer at Magogeng.  Their address in 1989 was P.O. Box 14, Magogeng.
F5/5.E[G] Jacobus Wilhelmus Freemantle(2nd), the eldest son of the second marriage, was born on 3.12.1918 in Uitenhage.  He was a Police W.O. in Harrismith and he married Sophia de Villiers.  Their address in 1989 was P.O.Box 399, Harrismith, 9880.  They had 3 children:
      F5/6[G]aa Jacobus Wilhelmus Freemantle(3rd), who was a warden.
      F5/6[G]b Johannes Freemantle, who was also a warden and
      F5/6.[G]c Sophia Freemantle
F5/5.E[H] Adriaan Frederick Freemantle, the second son and fifth child of the second marriage of Jacobus Wilhelmus Freemantle and he was born on 15.10.1920 in Uitenhage and he died in Pretoria on 9.7.1984.  He married in Pretoria on 11.5.1946 Wilhelmina Lodervika Coetzee.  She was born on 17.12.1920 and was the daughter of Gert and Christina Coetzee of Marico district, Transvaal.  They had five children:
F5/6.[H]ab Andre Freemantle, born 18.4.1947, in Johannesburg and he married Emmarentia Bosse; they had two children:
 F5/7.ab[3a] Leizel Freemantle and
    F5/7.ab[3b] Derek Freemantle.
        F5/8[3b]5a etc. Derek's children ?
F5/6.[H]b Annet Freemantle, born 1.1.1950 in Johannesburg married (?)Winston Eva on 17.7.1981(?).  Issue?
F5/6.[H]c Riaan Freemantle, born 17.7.1951 in Johannesburg . He married Ambelene Jenner and they had three children:
           F5/7.c[4a] Adrian Frederick Freemantle;
           F5/7.c[4b] Richard Dawson Freemantle and
           F5/7.c[4d] Laura Freemantle
                  F5/8.[4a]6a etc for Adrian's children.
         F5/8.[4b](7a) etc. for Richard Dawson's children.
 F5/6.[H]d Deon Freemantle, born 17.7.1951 in Johannesburg.  Marriage?  Issue?
         F5/7.d[5a] for Deon's children
 F5/6.[H]e Karen Freemantle, born 17.12.1960 and she married Jan Combrink
F5/5.E[I]  Johannes Jacobus (John) Freemantle was the sixth child of the second marriage of Jacobus Wilhelmus Freemantle and Susanna Christina Adrianna Knoetze. He was born on 28.8.1922 in Uitenhage. He married at the age of 23 years on 1.9.1945, to Dorothy May Kroezen. May was born in Cape Town 11.10.1924. He work for the South African Railways as a Mechanical Engineer. They lived in Noordhoek in the Cape, John died on 26.7.2000 in Cape Town. and they had four children:
F5/6.[I]a Vivien May Freemantle, born 26.6.1946 in Cape   Town.  She married in Cape Town on 10.8.1964 to William Anthony Douglas Adams. Douglas was born on 5.11.1943 in Durban. Vivien worked as an accountant and Douglas works for AGFA as a sales agent. They had four children: 7.c.1.Mignon May Adams (born 20.8.1967) who had one son Jason Lee Adams; 7.c.2.Nicole Adams (born 24.3.1972) m. Marc Williams, 1 child, Claire Williams; and 7.c.3.Douglas John Adams (born 18.9.1975), a chef; Serena Adams b. 10.5.1977, m. Alain de Jager, 1 child, Damian de Jager; all born in Cape Town.
F5/6.[I]b Charlotte Freemantle, born 7.2.1948 in Cape Town and married there on 10.2.1973 to Anthony Capp.  He was born on 20.6.1947 in Essex, England and they had two children: Natalie Capp and Amy Capp. They emigrated to Australia shorthly after their marriage.
F5/6.[I]ca John Freemantle, born 6.3.1952. Cape  Town . He married Elizabeth Le Roux on 30.8.1978. Elizabeth was born on 12 .6.1955. They have their own carpeting business in Fish Hoek.
F5/6.[I]d Diane Freemantle, born 18.10.1964, Cape   Town. She married Johan Janse van Rensburg. They had two children: Christopher Janse van Rensburg b. 18.9.1981 and James Janse van Rensburg b. 18.8.1985. They later got divorced.
F5/5.E[J]  Maria Petronella Freemantle, was born on 29.9.1924 in Uitenhage and she married Wilhelm Landman, who was a railwayman in Durban.  In 1989 they lived at 282, Bertie Road, Umbilo, 4001.
F5/5.E[K] Robert Pienaar Freemantle, who was born on 26.7.1926 in Uitenhage.  He became Senior Revenue Inspector in Cradock and he married Johanna Maria Kroezen.  She was born on 14.8.1929 in Cape Town and they had four children:
F5/6.[K]ac Robert Daniele Freemantle, born 15.1.1950, Cape Town, married Marie Louise Hauker, who was born on 11.8.1955 in Cradock and they had one child:
F5/7.ac[7a] Robert John Freemantle (born 21.9.1973)    Marriage?  Issue?
        His children are   F5/8 [7a](8) etc.
F5/6.[K]bc Michael Trevor Freemantle, born 20.8.1956 in Uitenhage.  Marriage? Issue? His children are F5/7.bc[8a] etc.
F5/6.[K]c Kathleen Joan Freemantle, born 13.8.1956 in Uitenhage.
F5/6.[K]da Julian Vernon Freemantle, born 30.3.1962 in Vereeniging.  Marriage?  Issue? Children F5/7da[9a] etc.
F5/5.E[L] Stanley Freemantle, the ninth child of the second marriage of Jacobus Wilhelmus Freemantle (1st) and he was born on 30.8.1928 in Uitenhage and died in April, 1965.  He was unmarried.
F5/5.E[M]  Leslie Freemantle was the tenth child and he was  born on 12.2.1932 in Uitenhage (died 11.7.1992)and he married in Bloemfontein on 4.6.1957 Daline Johanna van Lingen.  She was born on 5.11.1937 in Petrusburg, O.F.S. (died 17.2.2008) and they had four children:
F5/6.[M]a Mitzi Dalene Freemantle, born 2.7.1958 in East   London.
F5/6.[M]b Adri Ronal Freemantle, born 20.9.1959 in Bloemfontein, O.F.S.
F5/6.[M]cb Jacobus Albert Freemantle, born 15.1.1961 in East London.  Marriage?  Issue? Children F5/7cb[10a] etc.
F5/6.[M]db Sean Leslie Freemantle, born 6.12.1971 in Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape.
 Married (1st) Juanita Christina Kruger, one child; (2nd) Hettie Freemantle (neč van Zyl), two children.
F5/5.E[N] Lynel Freemantle was the eleventh child of the second marriage of Jacobus Wilhelmus Freemantle(1st) and he was born on 20.5.1934 in Kirkwood and he married in Durban on 27.7.1957 Susanna Jakoba Petronella Koster.  She was born on 27.7.1939 and was the daughter of Coenraad Johannes Koster (born 22.11.1897 in Swaziland) and Susanna Elizabeth Koster nee Roberts (born 18.7.1907, whose father emigrated from England)
            Lynel Freemantle became a carpenter and joiner and General Foreman of Constructions, working for Bridge and Construction Engineers.  They lived (1989) at 85, School Road, Wentworth, Durban, 4052).  They had six children: 
F5/6.[N]a Susanna Elizabeth Susara Freemantle, born 6.2.1958 in Durban, married Gilbert Jean-Jose D'oherty-Bigara (born 19.2.1954) and their four children were: 7.c.1. Jeane-Pierre D'oherty-Bigara (born 3.6.1976, Durban); 7.c.2. Christopher D'oherty-Bigara (born 11.5.1982, Durban);  7.c.3.Elizabeth Susan D'oherty-Bigara (born 27.6.1984, Durban) and 7.c.4. Jacqueline Jane D'oherty-Bigara (born 30.3.1986, Durban).
F5/6.[N]b Charmaine Amanda Maureen Freemantle,  born 14.9.1959, Durban married Louis Roets (born 29.8.1957) and their two children were: 7.c.1. Louis Roets (born 2.12.1981 in Tzaneen) and 7.c.2. Charmaine Eloise Roets (born 12.3.1981 in Tzaneen)
F5/6.[N]cc Jacobus Johannes Freemantle who was born on 2.6.1961 in Durban and married Ingrid von Solms (born 22.12.1962).  Their children were:
F5/7.cc[a] Melody Freemantle (born 14.9.1985) and
F5/7.cc[12a] Dominique Freemantle (born 13.2.1988).
                                                                       Marriage?  Issue? F5/8[12a](9a)
F5/6.[N]dc Lionel Leslie Freemantle who was born on 18.4.1963 in Durban and married Rene Antoinette Wicks (born 24.3.1966).  Their children were:
F5/7dc[a] Candice Rene Freemantle (born 2.11.1984) and
F5/7.dc[13b] Lionel Vaughn Freemantle (born 30.12.1985).  Marriage?  Issue? F5/8[13b](10a)
F5/6.[N]e Edmond Armand Freemantle who was born on 15.5.1968 in Durban.  Marriage?  Issue? Children F5/7.e[14a] etc.
F5/6.[N]f Anthony Edwald Alain Freemantle who was born on 13.2.1972 in Durban. Children? F5/7.f[15a] etc
F5/4.4F Ellen Johanna Freemantle, who was the daughter of George Richard Freemantle and Catherina SuzanaJohanna Maria van den Berg was born on 29.6.1877 in Jansenville and was married in Uitenhage on 26.12.1894 to Edward James Bubb, who was a clerk and a miner.  He was born on 16th May 1841 in Uitenhage,  Cape, South Africa.
F5/4.4G George Richard Freemantle [III], who was born on 7.11.1879 in Jansenville and he became a Boiler Maker in the South African Railways.  He married Christine (Polly) Claasen van Loggenberg in about 1913.  She was born on 10.6.1892 in Vanderbylpark, Transvaal.  He died on 30.7.1928 in Uitenhage and she married (2nd) John Cecil Morris by whom she had two children.  There were eight children from her marriage to George Richard Freemantle:
F5/5.G[A] George Richard Freemantle (V) born 20.8.1914 in Uitenhage and died 8.9.1914 Uitenhage.
F5/5.G[B] Gideon Christian Freemantle was born on 23.9.1915 in Uitenhage and he became a Bottle Store Manager.  He married Catherine Maria Botes.  She was born on 18.12.1924 in Pretoria and they had five children:
F5/6.[B]a Elizabeth Josephine Freemantle, born 12.3.1944   in Pretoria.
F5/6.[B]bd Gideon Richard Freemantle, born 9.8.1946 Pretoria.  His children F5/7.bd[16a]
F5/6.[B]cd Robert Powry Freemantle, born 4.3.1948 in   Pretoria.  His children F5/7.cd[17a]
F5/6.[Bd Nicoline Christine Freemantle, born 4.9.1949 in Pretoria.
F5/6.[B]ea Peter Llewelyn Freemantle, born 30.12.1953 in Pretoria.  His children F5/7.ea[18a]
F5/5.G[C]A daughter who died young.
         F5/5.G[D] Richard George Freemantle, who was born on 31.10.1918 in Uitenhage.  He became a wheel tester.  He married Salomie Meyer, who was born in 1919 and died on 20.7.1975.  There was no issue of this marriage.
F5/5.G[E] Douglas Frederick Freemantle was born in November, 1920 in Uitenhage  and died on 1.10.1921, also in Uitenhage.
F5/5.G[F] Robert John Freemantle was born on 3.8.1922 in Uitenhage and he became a salesman.  He married (1st) in Bellville, Cape on 16.7.1949 Monica Dorothea Goosen and they were divorced on 1.8.1957.  There was no issue.  He married (2nd) on 3.8.1957 in Pretoria Eliza Gertrude van der Merwe and there was no issue of this marriage either.
F5/5.G[Ga]Annis Powry Freemantle was born on 11.3.1924 in Uitenhage and he became a Chargeman.  He married Susannah Coetze.  She was born on 10.2.1926 in Transvaal and they had two children:
F5/6.[Ga]ad Clive Bruce Freemantle, born 9.1.1955 in Vanderbylpark.  His children F5/7.ad[19a]
F5/6.[Ga]b Carol Ann Freemantle, born 30.7.1949 in Vanderbylpark.
    F5/5.G[H] Raymond Charles Freemantle who was probably born in 1927 (?) and died 23.2.1928 (?) in Uitenhage.
F5/4.4H Johannes Jacobus Francois Freemantle  was the eighth child of George Richard Freemantle (1) and Christina (Polly) Claasen Freemantle nee van Loggenberg.  He was born on 21.10.1881 in Jansenville and died in Uitenhage, Cape on 6.1.1907.  He became a Transport Rider and he was married in Uitenhage  on 24.9. 1906 to Catherina A, Vermaak.  She remarried in 1908 Charles C. Phillipson (aged 25, a farmer).
F5/4.4I Elizabeth Francina Freemantle who was born on 26.10.1883 in Jansenville was the ninth child of George Richard Freemantle (1) and
Christina (Polly) Claasen Freemantle nee van Loggenberg and she died on 15.6.1963 in Uitenhage, Cape.  She married Thomas Henry Bubb on 5.2.1900 in Uitenhage.  He was a clerk in the railways.
F5/4.4J Sibella Elizabeth Freemantle was the tenth child of George Richard Freemantle (1) and
Christina (Polly) Claasen Freemantle nee van Loggenberg. She was born  on 25.10 1885 in Jansenville, babtised on 11.4.1886 and married Alfred Herbert Bubb in 1903/4.  He was a Moulder on the South African Railways.  He died 28.7.1913 in Uitenhage