Business was always his main interest, but while still living in Orange Grove, both Eric and Phyllis were quite keen tennis players and a small tennis club was formed among their friends there.

It was in relation to this that he would tell a tale to tease me, which took place during the period when we lived in Orange Grove, where he had organised, and became secretary of, a small tennis club and I was voted to be their mascot. In order to raise funds, he (or possibly someone else) donated a rather lovely doll to be raffled. Being an only daughter (he always referred to me as his 'favourite daughter') one glance convinced me that the doll was obviously meant for me. Without a great deal of success, my father attempted to explain to his three-year-old, the intricacies of a raffle and the small chance my single ticket had of winning. My childish logic did not extend to understanding the possibility that any one of the adults would, or should, win the doll, when I was the only child participating. I simply told every member of the club who would listen to me, that the doll was mine as I would win the raffle ... which I did, to the acute embarrassment of both my parents and this, in spite of their having refused to participate or have anything to do with the drawing out of a hat the winning ticket!

Later, at 'Graystones' Eric took up bowls and had a bowling green laid out there, but it was never easy for him to adjust his eyesight to the needs of sport. However, he always encouraged his children, and others, to make the most of the facilities of his home, such as the tennis court and swimming pool. He especially enjoyed entertaining friends and relations both in his home and at restaurants or the theatre and took much pleasure from his garden. Originally, Phyllis was the gardener and she always had a great love of flowers, keeping the home well decorated with lovely vases full of home-grown blooms. But eventually she encouraged him to take an interest in the garden so that he would spend a bit of time out of doors and partake of some exercise in that way