From Ruth May:

On 20th May, 1981, I had a rather strange experience. This was some time, after my father's death and I was sitting in the lounge of our home in Gordon's Bay, waiting for Phillip to join me for breakfast, facing away from the window and sea view, when I 'saw' my father coming towards me, down some steps and along a path. He appeared to be trying to speak to me but I heard nothing. I cannot explain this in any way, nor can I say whether it was coincidental that we heard of the death of his youngest brother, Ronald, that afternoon. Aunt Con and Uncle Ron had been staying with us shortly before this and we had seen them off on their return journey to Johannesburg about a week before his death.

Another disaster occurred on that same day. Peter and Heather were in U.K. when we received a call to say that the roof had blown off their house in Mowbray. Phillip immediately went to investigate and arrange for repairs to be made.