Although I remember only a little about our travels to this point, the following few pictures remain in my memory:

From the time we landed in Buenos Aires, in order to ensure their safety, the twins were each confined by a pair of reins that had straps over their shoulders and across their chests and enabled one or other of the adults to prevent them running off in different directions as the were a very active pair and in need of constant supervision.

I have photos of them looking so appealing in their knitted angora berets with mischievous grins on their faces.

My only memory from Montevideo was of a statue of oxen pulling a wagon and when I visited there again, many years later, we made a special effort to find this landmark that I recalled. The taxi driver spoke little English but eventually understood what we were seeking and took us to one of the hospitals outside of which was this statue. I presume that in South Africa I must have seen similar memorials, (either pictures or photographs ) erected to the Voortrekkers who travelled from the Cape northwards in the trek wagons pulled by their oxen and the similarity was what had imprinted this image on my memory.

Santos and Rio left very few impressions and the one picture that remains in my mind from Batavia was of someone trying to persuade me to stand on one of the enormous water lily leaves reputed to be able to support at least the weight of a child. However, I did not have the confidence to find out if this was true!