My brother John recalled that the first house his parents occupied was in Gardens and when they moved in there the fruit trees had not been pruned for many years, so they were very tall and overgrown. As they did not possess a ladder long enough to enable his father, who never professed to being a handy man, to deal with this problem two lengths of timber were purchased and his father nailed cross pieces between them to form a makeshift ladder. He climbed up this 20 foot contraption and started to do the pruning. However, the rungs gave way and he landed on the ground. This damped his enthusiasm for gardening for a long time.

My mother was a very gentle person, kind, affectionate and loving, but never demonstrative. As my father was his own person, reserved and also very private, they both seemed to understand these restraints over showing their feelings. Consequently, there were not many overt displays of their devoted attachment to each other or us, but we children had no doubt about their love for us and we knew without doubt that they cared and felt deeply for each other.