Some time after the marriage, Eric purchased a holiday house at Oyster Bay, a very inaccessible coastal village and the family often went there, especially for the Christmas vacation. Over time, most of the family also bought houses there and the priest, Rev. Sydney Hudson Reed, from the Union Church which Alice normally attended, would take his wife there and stay in the house when it was not otherwise occupied.

The following is a recollection from Paul, Uncle Ron's son, after I asked him to send me any family story he recalled:

'Just a little anecdote I experienced with your Dad, which might get a smile or two. I was spending a holiday with them at Oyster Bay and there was a skiboat, which was called "Gog". I used to go out on it each morning and we were allowed to keep one fish, which we caught during the day. The skipper of the boat used to sell the day's catch to the fish factory at Jeffrey's Bay. Needless to say I used to come back each day with a nice big fish and we were eating fish just about every day. After about ten days of this I was preparing to go out early in the morning (just before daybreak) and your Dad came out and called me, saying he wanted to tell me something. When I went up to him he said, with a small half smile, "Paul, if you bring one more fish into this house, I will smack you across the chops with it!" Fish never was my Father's favourite food, he preferred stews all of which we, and a recipe book I have, called 'Father's Favourites'.

Eric's jocular anecdote about Alice related to the time she took their Rhodesian Ridgeback to the vet, who told her that the only problem with the dog was that it was too fat. "Why shouldn't he be?" replied Alice, "All the rest of the family are also too fat!"