My brother Christopher wrote to me on 28th.October, 1988 stating 'Archie Shapiro, having referred to the JSE records confirms that E. Freemantle became a member of the JSE on 19.8.1919. The confusion with [the date] 1926 may be that he joined Max Pollak that year from Viney Allen.'

The following year he married his first wife, Phyllis Howard on 3rd November, 1920 at St. Patrick's Church, 31st Street, Malvern, Johannesburg. Phyllis was the sixth child of Henry Benjamin Marshall Howard and Emmeline May Howard nee Warner and she was born in Cala, Cape, on 1st September, 1897.

[Note: copy photographs of both her parents can be found in the Howard tree section H1/4.[2][3] ]

Like her husband, she and her siblings had the misfortune of being brought up in a broken home because her father was an alcoholic and they and their mother were left to fend for themselves as best they might. In about 1912 the family moved to Johannesburg. By then her two oldest sisters (Gladys and Winifred) were married and her brothers, Jack and Harry were both working on the Simmer & Jack mine; their parents had parted completely by then so their mother and the younger children joined their brothers and moved into a house in Malvern, which was where Phyllis was living at the time of the wedding. After their marriage, Eric and Phyllis had homes in Gardens, Orange Grove and, later, Dunkeld.