Eric was married a second time, in about 1958, to Alice Letty nee Tidmarsh, daughter of Edwin Tidmarsh and Charlotte Eliza Dickenson (Her parents were reportedly married in either 1860 or 1861, but this date sounds improbable). She was born on 31stDecember, 1911 and was previously married to Marcus Letty. Prior to her marriage to Eric she had four children; two girls called Leonie and Christine and a son named Edwin, after his grandfather. They were all older, but were followed by a late child, whom she called Marcus Eric but who, after her second marriage, was adopted by E.F. and legally acquired the name of his adoptive parent, Eric Freemantle.

Phillip and I were with my father during the months prior to his remarriage and, as the boy's bedroom led off his, I unavoidable heard his telephone conversation with Alice after she left her husband, Marcus, taking the baby with her to her sister, Connie Sheldon, in Bloemfontein.

Of course, I only heard his side of this, but he was saying things like 'Of course, you can count on my help' and 'you know that my word is my bond'. So, it was patiently clear that she was putting considerable pressure on him and inevitable that they would, in the end, marry. This brought about a great deal of unpleasantness insofar as my father's brother's, [my Uncle Arthur's] wife, Aunt Bud, was the sister (or half-sister) of Marcus and this split the family and brought about a nasty legal case because Arthur started spreading rumours about MPF business viability and my Father felt that neither he nor the firm could continue to support Arthur under those circumstances.

Most unfortunately the Judge did not see the facts like that, saying 'As you have supported your brother for all these many years, you must continue to do so. You must have had a reason for doing so'. Later, my Father would say, rather bitterly, 'I paid him to keep him out of the office.' My Father, I believe, also paid Marcus some sort of compensation for the loss of his wife, though I do not know any details of this, only this small hint that was passed on to me by one of his sisters.