F4/6.[5][7] Lennox Roberts Freemantle  =  Joyce Roderick.
(1934 - 2017)          [m.1963]     (1929 -       )

Lennox Roberts Freemantle was the third child, the elder of twins, born to Eric Freemantle and Phyllis Freemantle nee Howard.  He was born in Johannesburg on 9.9.1934, at the time of his birth his parents were living in Orange Grove but at about this time the family moved to 'Graystones' , 30, Eastwood Road, Dunkeld.  This home was situated only two properties away from the church, St Martins-in-the-Veld, Rosebank, where the twins were christened by the Rev. Pearson  (later Canon Pearson) and they spent their childhood and youth at 'Graystones'.   Following on the twin's birth and a major operation, their mother's health deteriorated and a succession of European nursemaids were employed to assist during their early care.

When their parents decided to travel around the world during the first few months of 1937, when the twins were two years of age, their mother was unwilling to leave them behind, so their nanny, Mabel Jackson, accompanied the family party.

[for details of this trip refer to the section on their father, F4/5.[4][5] Eric Freemantle]

Len died 1st June 2017 in Johannesburg, aged 82, of complications following a number of falls.