Once he had completed his schooling, in about 1957/8, Lennox Roberts Freemantle, moved up to Southern Rhodesia where he joined his Uncle Lennox Marillier, on the farm 'Kenilworth' with the intention of learning farming and, later, the De Beer's Shangani Ranch as a Ranch assistant and was there for a number of years.  At that time he owned a small Ford Anglia and would drive into Gwelo with his friends during off-duty hours. 

Many years later, when we moved into a duplex at 'Schoongezicht' near Somerset West, we met a couple called Michael and Margaret Hossack and they told us about when Margaret arrived in Salisbury from Scotland to marry Michael, Lennox lent them his car so that Michael could meet her at the airport and bring her to her new home.  They had never forgotten his kindness to them during that period of their lives.