Eventually he returned to Johannesburg, sometime after his mother's death, probably in 1955, and joined his father's stockbroking firm, Max Pollak and Freemantle. Like the others, he also started at the bottom, working his way up to become a director and was, for a good number of years, in charge of the staff and the mail.

On 10.5.1963 he married Joyce Roderick in Johannesburg.  She was the daughter of Arthur Roderick and Margaret Jane Roderick nee Clarke . Joyce had been brought up in Johannesburg and was also a member of staff of Max Pollak & Freemantle, having joined the firm in about 1946/7, prior to the stock exchange boom of that era.  There were two sons of this marriage, both of whom spent their entire school career at, first, St John's Preparatory School and then the College.

Their first home was in Edenvale and thereafter they moved to 3, Constance Road, Bedfordview where they purchased a good sized property and the house had been well-designed and built by an Italian.   It was during the time he was with the firm that he bought a small game farm near Bandelier's Kop in the Northern Transvaal and spent all his spare time building this up and stocking it with animals.

They also own a holiday house in Oyster Bay, but Lennox's main interest in life, apart from his family, is in the small game farm, which after many years of hard work (and pleasure) finally began to make a profit.

Many years later, when his son Peter was also involved in this enterprise, I found a 'write-up' with illustrations of this game farm and tourist destination on the Internet. It was attractively designed and gave details about the accommodation, the attractions and the staff.

In 1988 Lennox left the firm of Pollak & Freemantle, which meant that, with the retirement of his brother John, in the same year this stockbroking business was left bereft of Freemantles after 62 years of their presence.  Lennox then started his own stockbroking business in partnership with a Mr. Boner (a relation of Joyce's), calling it Boner & Freemantle.

Although they retained their home in Bedfordview, and he spent a good deal of his time at the farm, the family regularly enjoyed their holidays, especially over the Christmas period in Oyster Bay, in their holiday home, joining a number of other relatives of the Freemantle and Letty families, who also maintain holiday homes there.

Their two sons were Eric Garth Freemantle and Peter Freemantle