It is possible that they attended some kind of local pre-school or kindergarten, but at six years of age, at the beginning of 1941, they started in the lowest class at St John's Preparatory School remaining there as day scholars through all the classes and up into St John's College, leaving school in about 1957 after they wrote their matriculation examinations.

As young boys, the twins, not unexpectedly, got up to all sorts of mischief.  From a very young age Lennox was interested in animals and insects and I well remember the day when my mother and a number of her friends were sitting on the front verandah, when Lennox came into view carrying a wriggling snake, which he had fished out of the swimming pool.  The ladies were not amused.

Even as very small children, between them they caused their nursemaids a considerable amount of concern and one poor soul, sweet natured and of German descent, was locked in the cloakroom for hours, calling out for assistance, while they ran about the house and garden unsupervised.

They built themselves a dug-out, or underground house, behind the changing rooms next to the swimming bath.  Not a very safe idea, but they enjoyed making it.  I don't think they were the ones to fill it in afterwards though!

We have some very appealing photographs of when they were two-year old toddlers, taken in a number of foreign places, and then quite a few taken at 'Graystones'; also, some taken with one of their first friends, Timothy and others of their first day at school.

Lennox grew an avocado tree in a bottle and was most upset when the bottle was knocked over and broken.  To soothe him our mother took him outside through the side porch and helped him plant it in the garden next to the house, never thinking it would survive.  However, it grew into a very large tree and eventually had to be removed to protect the foundations of the house!

Another incident I recall was when one morning the police called saying that they were chasing a thief and believed he had come into our property.  This caused a bit of excitement and when I opened the door to the side porch I could see a figure lying under a settee that was kept there.  I carefully closed the door and went to tell my mother but, before she could inform the police, the twins happened to want to come into the house through that door, saw the black man there and came gleefully inside shouting that they had discovered his hiding place.  Needless to say, the thief made a very hasty get-away.