Then, after trying for some time to join the South African Air Force, on about 10th July, 1940 John joined up in the S.A. Tank Corps. But was transferred in September to the S.A.A.F. and did his flying training in Southern Rhodesia, near Gwelo, which is now called Gwanda.  He was posted to the Middle East in September or October of 1941 and undertook operational training in Palestine (now Israel).  From there he was posted to No: 6 Squadron in May, 1942 and with the regiment served in the Western Desert.   Finally, he was posted back to South Africa in May, 1943 and discharged in time for Christmas at home in 1944.

I remember that he brought back gifts purchased, I believe, in Cairo before leaving there, for all the family, giving me a bracelet and a very bright pink blouse. He was always a very generous and thoughtful person.