F4/6.[5][6] John Eric Freemantle    =  (1st) Marion Smaling
                     (1922 - 1993)              [m.1944]    (1924 -        )
                                                             =  (2nd) Kate Murray.
                                                          [m.1967]    (  ?      ?   ) 
John Eric Freemantle, the eldest son of Eric Freemantle and Phyllis Freemantle nee Howard was born in Johannesburg on 15th April, 1922.  At the time, his parents were living in Gardens, Johannesburg and from here they moved to Second street, Orange Grove just as that suburb was being newly developed.  In approximately 1927, the family moved again, this time to No: 36, Fourteenth Street, Orange Grove.  His only sister was born in 1928 while they were living there and his twin brothers in September, 1934, shortly before they all moved to another newly opened-up area, having had a new house built at 30, Eastwood Road, Dunkeld, which was completed by December, 1934 and ready for occupation then.