Then, on the 10th May, 1967, John married Kate McNaught Murray (always called 'Kay'), who was the daughter of Robert and Kate Murray (nee McNaught).  Kay had not been married previously and had always lived in Durban prior to the time of their marriage, which took place at the Johannesburg Country Club.  The Secretary of the club informed them that they were the first couple ever to be married there although there had been very many wedding receptions held there over the years.  The minister was Nicol Campbell of the School of TruthKay's father, Robert Murray, was a Director of Companies; he had been born in Dumfries, Scotland and later moved to Liverpool, Cheshire.  Her mother, on the other hand, was born in Greenock and later moved to Birkenhead.  Kay was born on 17th June, 1917 at her parent's home 'Ludlow', 86, Vause Road, Durban, where she lived until her marriage and she attended St. Mary's D.S.G. in Durban for her schooling.

He and Kay had one bit of incredible luck when John spotted an advertisement in the newspaper for a cruise on the Cunard liner, the luxurious, brand new 'Queen Elizabeth II' and, after speaking to his father, he booked the tour, leaving from Southampton and sailing through the Mediterranean to Istanbul.

To quote from a paper sent out by 'Trafalgar Travel Agents' some time later:


"Last year I discovered that Cunard Shipping Company had their luxury brand new 'Q.E.II' going from Southampton down the Mediterranean to Istanbul calling at the Greeks Islands, Gibralter, etc.  I managed to grab 130 berths, got all the quotations and details by post and marketed a tour.

It started to sell at once and in no time at all we had 60 passengers.

One sunny day our Space Control Office asked Cunard for a special berth and back came the acceptance but at a price per berth almost double what we expected.  We telexed Cunard and asked why we were paying almost half that price for the one next door and did they not mean dollars instead of pounds Sterling.

There was a stunned hush, then we all rushed off to our letters of agreement.  Someone, a now anonymous person, sitting in Southampton, had typed a $ sign on the offer made to us instead of a pound sign.  We had been offered 130 berths at 2.40 times less than the current price.

Telephones rang between Southampton and Johannesburg, we stopped selling at once, and we all paused anxiously.

Then came a message from the Cunard Shipping Company: "We will, for our and your good name's sake, honour our offer but please, please stop selling now.  The ship is already fully booked at the full price".

I know that decision cost them some 9,000 pounds and I also know that 60 lucky people will get a tour 2.40 times cheaper than anyone else on the ship.   We have since sold other berths at the normal price but, someone has got the travel bargain of the year.

To Curnard I would say that it's a pleasure to deal with a company, in this tough commercial world, who will honour their word irrespective of the cost.  If you have anyone who is crossing the Atlantic by sea this year, think of the magnificent 'Q.E.II', and that chap who said in so many words:  "For our word to you, and your word to your customers, we will loose 9,000 pounds".

After John and Kay had experienced the great pleasure of this very special trip, they travelled to Scotland to look into the land of Kay's antecedents, which they also enjoyed and returned home with good memories of a fabulous holiday.

They continued to live quite comfortably at Parkmore and John was still employed by Pollak & Freemantle for some years.  When his father died in December, 1972, his Will stated that, although he left no bequest of money to John, he had arranged that John would continue to receive a pension from the firm (Max Pollak & Freemantle) and he requested that John's welfare should be overseen by his brothers as they were all living in Johannesburg; Christopher and Lennox still being Directors of Max Pollak & Freemantle at that time.    Kay was able to look after John's everyday needs until, sadly, she developed premature senility and she died a few years before John, who died on 3rd January, 1995.