Generosity was an outstanding characteristic of my father; which reminds me of the time a tramp, a real old reprobate, came into the office, with a sad tale of how he could not get a job and asking for Dad's assistance. Not wanting to send him straight back into oblivion, via the bottle store, my father told him he would arrange for the Salvation Army to provide for his needs, which they did by giving him a new suit and other clothing in order that he should look respectable when applying for the job he claimed he wanted. But back he came to the office, pronto, where he berated my father soundly, saying the Salvation Army had stolen 'his' money, as they would not part with the difference between the cost of the clothing provided and the amount of Dad's donation.

One anomaly regarding this trait of generosity does come to mind: something I have never really understood as it seemed so out of character and was the only time, to my knowledge, that my father refused a request for charity. A lady whose name I have forgotten but is, I'm sure, very well known, approached him shortly after returning from a trip overseas, where she had been most impressed by a spectacular display she had witnessed. She wanted to duplicate this method of raising money for charity but needed both funds and a group of committed people to launch the idea. After she had departed, very disconsolate, I heard my parents discussing my father's unexpected refusal to participate as Chairman of the Committee. He had not taken a liking to the lady as she was rather pushy and I overheard him make a remark to the effect that the silly woman was wasting her time and fancy thinking she could raise money by organising a pageant called "Carols by Candlelight"!!

On the other hand, especially when we were searching our members of the family in order to compile the family trees, we encountered many instances previously unknown to any but the recipient, where he had given financial assistance to relatives. He spoke affectionately of one of his aunts, Ellen, and when we traced her she informed us of her deep gratitude because he had bought the house she was living in for her; Margaret Deane nee Goulding told of how he had assisted them with a loan and did not wish them to pay it back when they insisted on doing so; he paid for the schooling of many of his nieces and nephews, though I only knew of Arthur's children and Margaret Goulding, I'm sure there were others; also, a number of wedding receptions some of which were held at 'Graystones' and many more he also never mentioned.