F4/6.[5][8] Christopher Roberts Freemantle  =  Beverley Carol Barnes                          
                             (1934 - 2015)                  [m.1960]    (1940 -        )

Christopher Roberts Freemantle was the fourth child, the younger of twins, of Eric Freemantle and Phyllis Freemantle nee Howard.  He was born in Johannesburg on 9.9.1934.  At the time his parents were resident in Orange Grove, but they moved to Dunkeld not too long after the birth of the twins.

They were christened at St Martin's-in-the-Veld, Rosebank by the Rev. Pearson (later Canon Pearson) and spent their early years at 'Graystones'.   Owing to their mother's lack of robust health a number of European nurses were engaged to assist in their early care.  One of these, Mabel Jackson, accompanied the family when they travelled around the world during the first few months of 1937, when the twins were two years of age.

It is possible that they attended some kind of local pre-school or kindergarten, but thereafter they started their education in the lowest class of St. John's Preparatory School and proceeded through the various standards, year by year, through to matriculation at St John's College.  Non-academic interests which were much more important to Christopher than to his twin, saw him as Captain of Rugby, receiving the cricket fielding prize and senior cadet award (all of which, as he wrote many years later, mean so little in later life!)  He was head-boy at St John's in 1953 - in the post matric class, having had to write the matriculation exam twice to obtain a pass - 'about par for the course!' and plans for him to attend university (Cambridge was suggested) were dropped in favour of his joining the firm of Max Pollak & Freemantle the following year.

Chris passed away 15th October 2015 in Grabouw, outside Cape Town in South Africa.