From a letter written by Eric Freemantle 19.10 ? :

Chris has now moved into his new house but it is by no means finished and they have had endless trouble with the builder, who is always behind hand in whatever he has promised.

Extract from Newspaper announcement (undated):

Mr C. R. Freemantle was today elected president of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.  Mr R. Lourie was elected vice president.

Mr Freemantle has been vice president for the past two years

Mr Lourie was vice president in 1971-72 and President in 1973-74

And another cutting, (also undated) reads:

Mr C. R. Freemantle, president of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, and Cape Town member of the stock exchange were hosts at a party for city businessmen last night.  From left are:  Mr C. N. Axten, a general manager of Barclays Bank, Mr N. Swerling, a Cape Town stockbroker, Mr R. Steyger, chairman and managing director of Bakke and Steyger, and Mr Freemantle.