Some little time after Eric's death, Alice sold off the bottom stand of the property and then, ultimately sold the house and other two stands in order to buy a home in Parktown North, where she lived with her son, Eric, until his marriage to a very pleasant English girl who had come out to South Africa on a visit. As she grew older Alice moved into one of the properties that her husband, Eric, had purchased for the church with the idea that they could be used for the elderly under the churches supervision. She died there on Sunday, 24th.June, 2001.

Both Paul and Owen Freemantle notified me of the death, Paul writing, "Apparently it was a blessed release as she had been under constant sedation for the past three or four weeks as she was totally confused. Magda and I will attempt to go to the funeral, but I believe that it will not be for a while as Leonie is overseas at the moment and they will wait until she arrives back."

Owen wrote to tell me that he and Shonagh "attended Alice's memorial service and of course all the family members were there but not Chris. All I know of him is that [at present] he is farming in the Barberton area"