The children of Thomas Pike Goulding and Ethel Margareta (nee Freemantle)  were:
6.c.1.Allan Kenneth Goulding, born 19.12.1910, Jeppe, Johannesburg, he was married on 15.12.1939 in Cape Town to Gilda Leonie Bosenberg, daughter of Charles Hendrik and Anna Linda Bosenberg.  She was born 23.11.1910 in Cape Town.  He died 17.2.1983 in Frere Hospital.  They had 3 children:
7.(a) Kenneth Christian Goulding, born 12.12.1941, Johannesburg. He became a general practitioner in King William's Town; he married 12.12.1969 in Queenstown, Cherie Wendy Forrester, daughter of a farmer in the Cathcart district. She has a teaching diploma from Grahamstown Training College and they had 3 children: 8.(i)Leigh Anne Linda Goulding.(born 18.10.1971); 8.(ii) Stuart Kenneth Goulding(born 17.5.1973); 8.(iii) Michelle Wendy Goulding (born 25.5.1974). All were born in Cathcart, Cape Province.  [Leigh Anne compiled an extensive  Goulding family tree as a school project, with help from her grandmother, Gilda]
7.(b) Michael Thomas Goulding, born 14.2.1943, Johannesburg.  He is a B.Sc. (mech. Eng) (Wits) and H.D.E. (Natal) and became a teacher at Michaelhouse, where he could indulge his various interests, such as science, nature and sport.  He became head of the Computer Dept.- a department, which he started.  He was a good rugby player - having played for Wits.[Witwatersrand University] Firsts, Quaggas and Combined Natal Universities.  He married 21.4.1973 in Johannesburg Deborah Ann Starfield. She has a B.A. (Wits) and also H.E.D. (Wits) though she does not teach. They had 3 children: 8.(i) Douglas Michael Goulding (born 4.12.1975); 8.(ii) Kenneth Richard Goulding (born 14.9.1977); 8.(iii) Lynne Tamsyn Goulding (born 18.8.1981). All were born in Pietermaritzburg.
7.(c)Allan Merrick Goulding, born 25.2.1950, in Johannesburg.  He is a B.Comm. (Wits) C.A. (S.A.) and he lived in Gaborine, Botswana and had his own companies there.  He married Ada Odendaal nee Vickerman, the daughter of a farmer in Ghanzi district, Botswana and was a widow with one son, Shaun Vickerman Odendaal (born 25.9.1984).  His father died when Shaun was a tiny baby.  There was one child of her second marriage; 8(i) Carmen Helen Goulding (born 11.11.1988.)
From: Gilda Leonie Goulding nee Bosenberg.
Allan Kenneth Goulding was born in Johannesburg on 19.12.1910 at 54, Karl Street, Jeppstown, Johannesburg.  His birth was registered by his grandfather as 'Thomas Pike'.. However, he was Christened 'Allan Kenneth' and had to have his name 'changed' before we got married.  This was done in November, 1939.  At the same time his wife-to-be had to have hers changed and corrected as she was registered as 'Leonie Bosenberg, but Christened 'Gilda Leonie'.
He went to various schools but the one he remembered with most affection was the 'farm school' at De Putten, close to the farm 'Kendale', near Zeerust.  He and Ivan had to go to school on donkeys supplied by the Government and he told many stories about these donkeys and their intelligence.  After attending school at Colenso for a while, he went to Pietermaritzburg at the age of 16 to start his apprenticeship as a Turner and Machinist in the South African Railway's workshops in that town.  He served five years apprenticeship and 2 years Improvenship there. At night he studied at Pietermaritzburg Technical College and obtained his N.I.C.III.
After numerous jobs (always enhancing his prospects) he eventually joined P.U.T.C.O. [The Public Transport Co.], where he was for 23 years, eventually retiring in 1981 to go and live in Port Alfred.
Among his many jobs, he worked for a bit on the Stock Exchange as an articled clerk for R.R.Freemantle and then as manager of Central Glassworks as Ronald Freemantle's partner.
Then the war broke out and although he tried to join up, he was considered a key-man.  He worked at C.O.F.A.C. and rifled the barrels of the 3.7 Howitzers, one of which was retained in the War Museum in Johannesburg.  After working on various munitions he was sent to the C.O.T.T. scheme where he instructed women in the use of machine tools, so that they could help in the war effort.  He also served in the Civic Guard during the war years.
He was always very interested in nature and sport.  He belonged to the Wildlife Society and served on their committee in the Transvaal, etc..  One of his great joys was to support his sons at Cross-country running and rugby.
Allan Goulding married Leonie Bosenberg in Cape Town on 15.12.1939 in the historic Lutheran Church in Strand Street, Cape Town.  She is the daughter of Christian Hendrik Bosenberg and Anna Linda Bosenberg nee Leibbrandt.  Her father was a general practioner in Sea Point in 1931, when they were both 21 and Allan came down from Pietermaritzburg to spend a holiday with a mutual uncle and aunt, A.W and 'Bud' Freemantle.
Allan was a very good son and helped his parents financially, (so did Ivan) so it was eight years before they could get married.
Allan and Ivan were very close especially when they were boys - always standing up for each other.
Allan died in the Frere Hospital on 17.2.1983.  By a coincidence, Ivan died in England at the same age and of the same cause - aorta aneurysm.  [as did their uncle Eric Freemantle, aged 76 - aneurysm of the aorta!] 
6.c.1Ivan Kendrick Goulding, born 4.5.1913, Slurry, in  Krugersdorp(?),  Married Sarah Merion Reyburn (Hilarie), daughter of Florence and ?? Reyburn, who was born on 24.12.1915/1919?  He died in June, 1940 in Durban.  They had 2 children:
7.(a)Merion Elizabeth Goulding (born 25.6.1948, Krugersdorp).  Married in Wales on 19.8.1972 to Leslie Maple
7.(b)John Kenrick Goulding (born 25.6.1948, Krogersdorp) He was an engineer and he married Tracy McColm (Patricia?). They had 2 children: (i) Adam Kenrick Goulding (born 6.5.1976, Lusaka) and (ii) Holly Goulding.
6.c.2 Joy Kathleen Goulding, who died at Whites, when she was seven
          months old.
6.c.3 Lynn Kearn Goulding, born 19.7.1920, Whites, O.F.S. and married in Zastron to Nancy Surmon, daughter of George Henry Surmon and Ida Surmon nee Higgs.  She was born 2.6.1923 in Zastron and he was a farmer and a trader.  They had 3 children:
7.(a)Jeanette Kathleen Goulding  (born 8.4.1948, Zastron) married 25.3.1978, Duiwelskloof Peter Holliday. She was a teacher and lecturer.   They had two children: 8.(i) Robin Joy Holliday(born 20.4.1980 in Durban) and 8.(ii) Kearn Holliday (born 1983, in Durban).
7.(b) Cynthia Ray Goulding (born 29.4.1950, Wepener) married Theo Mulder, divorced, no issue.  She was a radiographer.
7.(c)Rex Anthony Goulding (born 18.12.1954,Zastron) married 6.12.1976 in Port Elizabeth to Lesley Warden and they had three children: 8.(i) Stephen Frederick Goulding (born 10.12.1978, Johannesburg?) 8.(ii) Louise Goulding (born 4.12.1980, Duiwelskloof) and 8.(iii) Colleen Goulding (born 4.12.1980,  Duiwelskloof)
6.c.4 Margaret Ethel Goulding, born 8.9.1926 in Colenso and married in 1948 in Johannesburg to Hugh Frederick Deane, son of Frederick Joseph Deane and Ellen Maud nee King.  They had three children:
7.(a)David Kenrick Deane (born 16.3.1949, Johannesburg) married (1st) Suzette Coetzee - divorced - one child 8.(i) Craig Deane (born 11.1.1973, Johannesburg).  David married (2nd) Lorna Adams and they had two children: 8.(ii) Jason Deane (born 7.3.1981, Johannesburg) and 8.(iii) Christopher Graham Deane (born 22.6.1984, Durban).
7.(b) Charles Hugh Deane (born 24.9.1951, Johannesburg) married on 9.8.1975 in Tzaneen to Carol Hansford.  She was born 4.11.1953 in Maun, Botswana and they had two children: 8.(i) Roscoe Deane (born 29.4.1981, Nelspruit) and 8.(ii) Danielle Gaye Deane (born 13.10.1982, Nelspruit).
7.(c)Jenny Kathryn Deane (born 25.6.1958, Ladysmith) married on 7.9.1985 in Nelspruit to Peter Stephen and they have one child: 8(i) Bronwen Ann Stephen (born 19.10.1987, Nelspruit).