The children of William Roberts Freemantle and Martha Margaretha Freemantle nee Joubert were:
F3/5.[4][A] Phyllis Ida Freemantle
F3/5.[4][B] Ethel Margareta Freemantle
F3/5.[4][C] Lois May Freemantle
F3/5.[4][D] Arthur William James Freemantle
F3/5[[4][E] Allen Freemantle, was born on 29th. November, 1894 in Burgersdorp, but   he died rather young, about 4 years of age; the date of death has not been traced.
F4/5.[4][5] Eric Freemantle
F3/5[4][G] Aletta
F3/5.[4][H] Ronald Roberts Freemantle
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