F3/6.[H]d Ronald Joseph Freemantle  =  Margaretha Glen-Williams.
                             (1939 -           )      [m.1963.]     (1942 -         )
Ronald Joseph Freemantle, who was born on 17th.May,1939 in Johannesburg and he married Margaretha Glen-Williams on 6.7.1963 in Johannesburg.  She was born on 4.7.1942 in Lydenberg.  He became a stockbroker and they had two children:
F3/7.d[7a] Glen Joseph Freemantle, born 31.7.1970 and died 8.6.1984 in Johannesburg.
F3/7.d[7b] Vincent Joseph Freemantle, born 13.9.1974, Johannesburg. Vincent married Shirley ??? in 2001
                                     F3/8[7b](10a) etc for Vincent's children