F3/6.[H]ca Owen George Freemantle  =  Shonagh McRosty
Owen George Freemantle was the third child and second son of Ronald  Roberts Freemantle and Constance Pauline Freemantle nee Harrison.  He was born in Johannesburg on 11.7.1937 and at the time of his birth his parents were living in Illovo.
Like his two brothers, he was educated at Maritz Brothers College and Preparitory School in Inanda, Johannesburg.  After leaving school, he joined his parents on their farm near Lydenburg. The whole family, working as a group, were trying to wrest a living from the soil, timber and farm animals there.
After it was decided that they should sell up the farm and each go their separate way, Owen became a salesman for typewriters for a few months and then joined the Nestle Company, where he worked for about 14 years, after which he bought a Hardware shop in Parktown North, but eventually he returned to the position of salesman until he retired.
On 11.12.1965 in Johannesburg he married Shonagh Mary Patricia MacRosty, the daughter of Ian MacRosty and Agnes Mary MacRosty nee Maquire.  [Her father was born in Crieff, Perthshire, Scotland on 30.11.1910 and he married on 23.12.1939 Agnes Mary Maquire, who was born in Lancashire, England on 1.5.1909.  He was the General Manager of an Insurance Company.  He was an officer in the Black Watch Scottish regiment during the Second World War, serving as a staff officer].  Shonagh was born on 22.11.1939 in Croyden, England.  [She has a sister, Philippa Mairi McRosty who married Dr. Ronald Spooner, a Specialist eye surgeon and they have three children.  She has a brother Malcolm Alexander McRosty, who married Susan Tangney, a Chartered Accountant and they also have three children]
Owen and Shonagh have a home in Kildare Avenue, Bronberrick, Verwoerdburg, where they have lived for a number of years. They have two daughters:
F3/7.ca[a] Cheryl Freemantle, born 18.9.1967 in Pietersburg
F3/7.c[ab] Jennifer Mary Freemantle, born 2.3.1969 in Kimberley.

Extract from a letter from Owen Freemantle - 1989.

'Shonagh's mother originated from Ireland and her father from Scotland.  They met during the last war in England and were married there... There were three children from this marriage, two daughters and one son and they were as follows: my wife is the eldets and her full names are Shonagh Mary Patricia, born 22nd. November, 1939.  The second eldest is Phillipa ..., the son's name is Malcolm Alexander.  Let me put this in better order for you.'

Shonagh's father      Ian MacRosty
Place of birth:          Crieff, Perthshire, Scotland
Date of birth:            30th.November,1910.
Marriage date:         23rd.December,1939.
Occupation:              Insurance Company General Manager

Shonagh's Mother    Agnes Mary Macquire (Maiden name)
Place of birth:          Lancashire, England
Date of birth:           1st.May, 1909.
Marriage date:         23rd.December, 1939.

Children's details:

Name                      Shonagh Mary Patricia MacRosty
Date of birth:            22nd.November, 1939.
Place of birth:          Croyden, England.
Marriage date:         11th.December, 1965.
Married to:               Owen George Freemantle
Occupation:              Sales Manager

Name                        Philippa Mairi McRosty
Date of birth:           24th.November, 1942.
Place of birth:          Stirling, Perthshire.
Marriage date:         30th.December, 1967.
Married to:               Dr. Ronald Spooner.
Residence:              Pietermaritzburg
Occupation:              Specialist eye surgeon.
Children's names:     Fiona, Sandra, Niel.

Name                        Malcolm Alexander McRosty
Date of birth:           16th.January, 1945.
Place of birth:          Eastbourne, Sussex, England.
Marriage date:         Unknown
Married to:               Susan Tangney.
Residence:                62, Hans Crescent, Bryanston, Santon.
Occupation:              Chartered Accountant.
Children's names:     Samatha, Jacquiline, Richard, Sean.

Shonagh's grandparents' details are as follows:

Grandfather             Alexander Herbert Macquire (on mother's side)
Date of birth:           Unknown.
Place of birth:          Lancashire, England.
Marriage date:         1902.
Children's names:     Ethel, Hugh, Agnes.

Grandmother           Isobel Mary Todd (on mother's side)
Date of birth:           Unknown
Place of birth:          Lancashire, England.
Marriage date:         1902.

Shonagh's grandfather was knighted in England in about 1920 for his work involving chemicals used in the manufacture of safety matches, regarding the prevention of using a certain chemical, which caused 'fossie' jaw.   He was instrumental in having a law passed preventing the use of this chemical.  He was the owner of the largest safety match factory in Ireland.

Shonagh's father was an officer in the Black Watch Scottish regiment during the last war, serving as a staff officer.

Grandparents on father's side:

Name                         James MacRosty.
Place of birth:          Crieff, Perthshire, Scotland.
Date of birth:           Unknown

Name                        Isabel MacRosty nee Veitch.
Place of birth:          Scotland.
Date of birth             Unknown

James MacRosty was a lawyer by profession. He was also an officer in the Black Watch and served at the London War Office during the last war.