F3/6.[H]ba Paul Roberts Freemantle =  (1st)  Merle Williams
                       (1935  -       )             [m. 1966]      (1945 - 1968/9)
                                                                =  (2nd)  Magda Holm.
                                                         [m. 1972]      (1944 - 2007)
Paul Roberts Freemantle, was the second child and eldest son of Ronald Roberts Freemantle and Constance Pauline Freemantle nee Harrison.  He was born on 9th.September, 1935 and his parents were living in Mountain View at the time of his birth.
He attended the Maritz Brothers Primary School and College in Inanda, Johannesburg, where he completed his education.  On leaving school he spent 10 years assisting his parents on their farm outside Lydenburg.
Once it was decided to sell the farm, he went to Johannesburg where he joined National Cash Register Co. and was put in charge of all the cash registers of O.K. Bazaars.  When he left National Cash Registers he joined Wilson Rowntree as a sales representative and this led him into marketing which was to become his career.  When he left Wilson Rountree he joined Borden and Co. as a marketing manager and it also introduced him to the dairy industry where he was to spend the rest of his working life.
After a number of years with Bordens he joined National Co-Operative Dairies and was to spend many years with them in various disciplines ranging from marketing, sales and distribution.
During his career with NCD Paul was transferred to the Durban area and he bought a large home in Kloof with plenty of room for his four children and the mother of his second wife, Magda, who lived with them until her death on 2nd.February, 1988.  It was while living in Kloof that Paul started his hobby of growing vegetables in a large portion of his garden, putting to good use the experience he gained while farming.
On 26.2.1966 in Johannesburg he married Merle Williams, the daughter of Gladys Williams.  Merle was born in Johannesburg on 3.1.1935 and went to school at the Waverley Girls High School.  By a strange coincidence it was found that Gladys Williams was related to the Freemantles some generations back.  Paul and Merle had two children born in 1967 and 1968 respectively.  Sadly, Merle died about three months after the birth of their daughter, Amanda, on 10.1.1969.  Paul's parents accepted the responsibility of assisting him in the raising of these two babies during their infancy and moved into his home in order to do so.
On 12.2.1966 in Johannesburg his second marriage took place when he married Magda Elizabeth Holm the daughter of Gustav and Lisa Holm.  The Holms were old friends and neighbours of Paul's parents at the time when they were living in Illovo.  Magda went to the same school as Paul's sister Pam, at Parktown Convent in Johannesburg. Magda was born on 29.2.1944 and there were two children of this marriage, both daughters.
In the 1980's Paul and Magda initiated an enterprising business from their home, supplying 'Jumping Castles' (inflatable air cushions for children to jump on at parties, fetes etc.) which supplemented their income and which grew to the extent that the whole family would become involved during peak periods and eventually his daughter, Catherine, and son-in-law, Shaun, became permanently involved in this business and a joint catering business as well.
Paul's father died on 20.5.1981 and his mother died on 23.4.1988.  It was during the 21st. birthday celebration of the eldest son James, when this happy event was unfortunately terminated by the very sudden and sad passing of his mother within minutes.
Paul's second wife, Magda died Saturday, 30th June, 2007 at Drummond, Natal.
Extract from email sent by Ruth May 7th July 2007: "Sadly, one of my favourite cousins, Paul Freemantle unexpectedly lost his wife, Magda to cancer on 30th June just after his sister, Pam and husband, who live near the New Forest, had spent a couple of months in RSA with them and the other brothers.  Paul was planning his retirement home, building a house on his son’s farm near Drummond, Natal but completion had been delayed, so all the family rallied round installing plumbing, electricity etc, unpacking their possessions and it was complete the day she came from hospital.  She liked what was done and she saw her latest newborn granddaughter, but was in great pain and died that evening.  Paul also lost his first wife to cancer.  Life can be very tough."
Paul Roberts Freemantle's children are as follows:
F3/7.ba[6a] James (Jimmy) Roberts Freemantle was born on 23.4.1967 in Johannesburg.  James completed his matric at Kloof High School and did his military training as soon as he left school during which time he was in the engineering unit at Bethlehem in the Orange Free State for his basic training and thereafter he spent a year on border duty.  He studied engineering at Durban University after completion of his military training. He became a partner in a small electronics company.  Jimmy married Dawn Grenfell, the daughter of Douglas and Anthea Grenfell, on 14.11.1992 in Kloof, Natal.  Dawn was born on 13.12.1966  and they have 2 sons:
F3/8[6a](9a) Warren Roberts Freemantle, born 23.1.2001, Natal
F3/8.[6a] 9b) Garth Ronald Freemantle, born 9.1.2002, Natal

F3/7.ba[6b] Amanda Lee Freemantle was born on 26.4.1967 in Johannesburg.  Mandy also completed her matric at Kloof High School and went into training for nursing as soon as she left school.  She qualified as a staff nurse at the Entabeni Hospital in February 1989.  Amanda married Charles Marshall (born 5.4.1966 in Roodeport, Transvaal), the son of Terence Charles Marshall (born 13.2.1937) and Sylvia Marshall nee Simmonds (born 26.4.1939 - d. prior to 2002). Charles is an engineer and works for a very large company that makes tractors and earth moving equipment in Richards Bay and they have two children:

                               c.1. Kerri Lee Marshall, b. 20.7. 1999 Benoni, Transvaal
                               c.2. Amy Beth Marshall, born 24.3.2001 Richards Bay, Northern Kwazulu  (Natal)
F3/7.ba[6c] Merle Louise Freemantle was born on 4.1.1974 in Johannesburg She also attended the Kloof High School.  Merle qualified as a graphic designer and she married in Hillcrest, Natal on 26.3.2002 Wayne Hodson, the son of Lenis and Bernard (Hoddy) Hodson.
 F4/7.ba[6d] Catherine Pauline Freemantle was born on 31.12.1976.  Catherine attended the Kloof Senior Primary School. Catherine qualified in Marketing Management and she was married in Kloof, Natal on 21.8.200 to Shaun Massey in 1999, the son of Maurice Howard Massey and Christine Beatrice Massey.    Shaun was born on 16.5.1973 in Durban, Natal.   He and Catherine joined her parents in their business of 'Jumping Castles' and 'Highbury Function Hire' which hires out equipment required for functions of almost any kind.
            They had a child born about March 2003