George Goulding* = Sarah Pike.
(1799-1869) [m.1823] (1801-1874)

George Goulding* was a Settler in Calton's party on 'Albury' .  He was born in 1799 and it may be that the other Goulding Settler, Thomas, was a brother but this relationship has not been confirmed. [Thomas Goulding* , 28, gardener, was also a Settler in Calton's party, but later he was transferred under William Pike with his wife, Elizabeth, 27 and children George, 6 and William,4.]  On 14.11.1823 in Grahamstown George Goulding was married to Sarah Pike*, who was born in 1801/2 and she was the daughter of William and Mary Pike* who were also Settlers in Calton's party on 'Albury'. George Goulding became a carpenter and they lived and died in Grahamstown.  He died on 12.9.1869 and she died 6.10.1874 .  They had six children:

c.1. Reuben Goulding, born 25.9.1836 in Grahamstown, who became a farmer at Bowker Park and he was married on 4.1.1860 in Queenstown to Harriet Freemantle, the daughter of Samuel Freemantle and Sarah Freemantle nee Paxton [For details see F7/3[9]7]
c.2. Henry Goulding, born 8.5.1827 in Grahamstown and he became a farmer.  On 1.1.1851 at Grahamstown he was married to (1st) Catherine Cory, daughter of William Cory and on 22.2.1862 in Queenstown he married (2nd) Lydia West.
c.3. Joseph Goulding, born 7.6.1831 in Grahamstown.
c.4. Maria Goulding, Born 1833 in Grahamstown and she married also in Grahamstown on 1.7.1862 Charles Cawood.
c.5. William Goulding, born 1.10.1834 in Grahamstown.  No futher details are known.
c.6. Joan Goulding, born 25.7.1841 in Grahamstown.  No further details are known.

Kidger Tucker = Sarah Anne Hartley,
(Dates unknown)

Sarah Anne Hartley was the daughter of William Hartley and Mary Hartley nee Cawood [For further details see under CAWOOD FAMILY CONNECTION at the end of FF6 - 1820 Settlers.( Part 2) and under GOULDING FAMILY CONNECTION ]  They had five children:

c.1.  John Edwin Tucker, born 13.3.1859 in Cradock and died 31.7.1945 in East London and he was married on 29.11.1881 at Jaggersfontein to Harriet Emma Goulding, born 11.12.1863 in Queenstown and died 18.5.1952 in Johannesburg.  They had ten children:

(a)  Rupert Kidger Tucker, born 26.11.1882 in Kimberley and died 1888 in Klerksdorp
(b)  Roland Kidger Tucker, born 21.4.1884 in Kimberley and died 1886 in Kimberley
(c)  Clarissa Mary Kidger Tucker, born 25.3.1886 in Kimberley and she married Angus Miller Newman, who was born 17.2.1883 and died 16.2.1957 at East London.  He was a shipping agent. They had two children: (i) Alison (Sally) Newman (born 31.1.1913) and (ii) Neville Newman (Born 10.10.1914, East London)
(d)  Gilbert Kidger Tucker, born 19.9.1887 in Kimberley and he became an accountant.  He married on 29.3.1913 Ellen Mitchell, born 28.5.1889 and died 25.12.1968 in East London.  She was the daughter of Thomas Mitchell and Sarah Elizabeth Mitchell nee Michley.  They had four children: (i) Dennis Tucker; (ii) Nance Tucker; (iii) Roland Tucker (iv) Peggy Tucker.
(e)  Eleanor (Nellie) Kidger Tucker, born 11.8.1890 in Johannesburg and died 7.12.1942 in East London.  She married in 1916 in Johannesburg George Mallet.  He was born 17.2.1888 in Queenstown and died 11.2.1937 in East London and they had six children: (i) George Mallet; (ii) Jean Mallet; (iii) Nellie Mallet; (iv) Dorothy Mallet; (v) May Mallet and (vi) Charles Mallet.
(f)  Kathleen Emma Kidger Tucker, born 18.10.1893 in Johannesburg.  She became a nurse (Mothercraft, with distinction) and was unmarried
(g)  Wilfred Edwin Kidger Tucker, born 13.6.1895 in Johannesburg.  He joined the Bank.; became a farmer and worked for Escom.  He married Winifred Tomlinson, born 20.6.1899 in Bedford and they had four children: (i)Owen Tucker; (ii) Noreen Tucker; (iii) Beth Tucker and (iv) Rupert Tucker.
(h)  Joan Kidger Tucker, born 4.9.1901 in East London; married 16.2.1930 in Johannesburg to Malcolm Charles Cumming, who was born 10.10.1898 in Tsolo and they had three children: (i) Malcolm Cumming; (ii) Kathleen Cumming and (iii) Ian Cumming.
(i)  John Edwin Kidger Tucker, born 21.9.1924; married 1929 to Ivy Rush, who was born 3.2.1906 and they had three children: (i) Noel Tucker; (ii) Lawrence Tucker and (iii) Valerie Tucker.