The children of William Freemantle and Phyllis Freemantle nee Pitt were:
F2/4.[3]A Patience Ann (Annie) Freemantle was the eldest daughter and she was born in Burgersdorp in about 1850; she remained in that town for all her life.  She was a spinster and became quite well known as a music teacher, still being remembered there in the 1970's by some of the older residents and the children who had been her pupils.  She lived to a good age and judging by the accounts of those who remembered her, she died in about 1912, [this may even have been 1922] but as she never married, she lived with her mother until the old lady's death in 1898 in a house opposite the Dopper Church, where she died.  There has been no record traced of the childhood or the education of this family - perhaps they all attended the village school as, by that time, it was starting to be the norm for girls also to do so.
F2/4.[3]B Lois Emma Freemantle, was the second child of William R. [Richard ?] Freemantle and Phyllis Freemantle nee Pitt.  She was born, probably in Burgersdorp, about 1852.   At the age of twenty-one she was married to Charles John Broster on 18th November, 1873.  He was a farmer and a merchant, born 9th May, 1842 in Fort Beaufort. He was the son of George Broster, who was a military doctor, born in 1807 in India, married a Miss Vice and died in 1841 at Fort Beaufort.  Charles John Broster was born on 9.5.1842 in Fort Beaufort and Charles died on 27th May, 1926 on the farm 'Broughton' near Molteno.
                       Lois Emma Broster nee Freemantle (1852-1926)
F3/4.[3][4]William Roberts Freemantle, who was the third child and eldest son of William Freemantle and Phyllis Freemantle nee Pitt.  He was born on 29th. September, 1854 in Burgersdorp and married on 8.10.1885 Martha Margaretha Joubert, eldest daughter of Jotham Joubert and M.M.J.Joubert nee Oosthuizen.  See under Huguenot & Joubert family connection - Section FF 3.
F2/4.[3][5] John Henry (Jack) Freemantle (1856-1907).  See his individual section.
F2/4.[3][6] James Albert Freemantle (1861-1917)  Also see his individual  section
F2/4.[3]F Alice Jane Freemantle (1862, died young.)