Information from Gwen Gemmell:
 Robert Pitt had a shop in Bathurst Street, Grahamstown.  Martha Pitt died in Grahamstown on 7th. April 1921, aged 73.
Vices and Pitts:  Robert Pitt  43, Party Shepton's, ship 'Aurora'; wife: Lucy, 39, son Robert, 8
 John Vice   30, Party Dixon's, ship 'Ocean'; wife: Elizabeth (our Aunt  McNaughton), Ann 3, (our grandmother) and sons, John, George, William and Samuel.
Strange the 'Northampton' and the 'Ocean' collided at sea with Freemantles on the former and Vices on the latter!  The 'Ocean' was hit by a cannon ball from St. Sargo, off Cape Verde Islands.
William Samuel Wood, born 1823, was killed in Basutuland on 31.10.1880, aged 57.  He was the son of William Wood who came to South Africa in 1818 with Col. (afterwards Lt.Gen.) Sir Rufane Donkin.  William Wood was drowned in the Zwartkops River, near Algoa Bay, leaving two sons.
1820 Settlers:
Daniel Roberts    39, Shoemaker, wife Harriet 38, children Mary 15;  Daniel   13; Samuel 8, party Sephton's, ship 'Aurora'
Edward Roberts   27, Surgeon, party Bailies, ship 'Chapman'
Henry Roberts    22, wife Mary 22, children Ann 4, Mathew 2, Party Parker's, ship 'East Indian'.
William Roberts 25, Carpenter, wife Maria 24, children John 3, William, party Holden's, ship 'Kennersley Castle'.
William Roberts   29, wife Sarah 24, child John 1, party Parker's, ship 'East Indian'
?                Leader of Robert's party in ship 'Canada'
?                child - one son on ship 'Garland'