1820 Settlers - with surname 'Roberts'

Daniel Roberts 39, Shoemaker, wife Harriet 38, children Mary 15; Daniel 13; Samuel 8, party Sephton's, ship 'Aurora'
Edward Roberts 27, Surgeon, party Bailies, ship 'Chapman'
Henry Roberts 22, wife Mary 22, children Ann 4, Mathew 2, Party Parker's, ship 'East Indian'.
William Roberts 25, Carpenter, wife Maria 24, children John 3, William, party Holden's, ship 'Kennersley Castle'.
William Roberts 29, wife Sarah 24, child John 1, party Parker's, ship 'East Indian'
? Roberts - An Independent - Leader of Robert's party in ship 'Canada'
? Roberts - An Independent - child - one son; on ship 'Garland'

From a letter written by David Watts at the Buckinghamshire Studies on 23.12.2002 to Ruth May:

'In response to your request for information I have searched the original Haddenham parish register of baptisms for the years 1790 to 1812. This found the existence of just one Roberts family. Details recorded as follows:

1796 Sept 25, Mary daughter of Thomas and Phillis Roberts baptised. Born August 19.
1799 March 22, Sarah daughter of Thomas and Phillis Roberts baptised. Born Dec. 19 1798.
1801 Sept. (?) 20, William son of Thomas and Phillis Roberts baptised. Born June 20 1800
1804 April 22. Rebecca daughter of Thomas and Phillis Roberts. Born June 30.
1806 September 21. Thomas son of Thomas and Phillis Roberts. Born July 20.
1819 April 4. Ann daughter of Thomas and Phillis Roberts. Born August 20.
1812 March 18, Elizabeth daughter of Thomas and Phillis Roberts. Born January 5 1812.

A search of the Haddenham marriage register for the years 1791 to 1812 found the following entry:

Thomas Roberts of this parish, Black-Smith, and Phillis Kingsett of this parish, spinster, were married in this church by banns this eighteenth day of April in the year one thousand seven hundred and ninety six by me Thomas Phelps, vicar. Signed with the signatures of Thomas Roberts and Phillis Kingsett. Witnesses Grace Friday and Richard Plater. The above entries were the only entries found in the years searched. It is possible that the Sarah Roberts you mention was born at Haddenham on 23 December, 1800, was a member of the Haddenham Baptist church. The Buckinghamshire record office holds a number of registers for this church. It may be significant that a search of the two registers of Haddenham Baptist births (References NB/9/4 and 5) covering the years, 1800 to 1837, failed to find any members of the Roberts family.

A search of the Posse Comitatus which is a militia roll of able bodied men in Buckinghamshire available for service in the Napoleonic war (compiled 1798) lists four blacksmiths as resident in Haddenham. These are John Clark, William Clark, Thomas Roberts and William Roberts. No other Roberts family members are mentioned in the listing.'

Thus, the Roberts Family Tree