(taken from a report written by Eustace S. Barnes. Lodged in the Albany Museum, Grahamstown)

1. James Roberts married Susannah ...? . He was a cordwainer of Lawrence Hill, Bristol?
2. His son was *Daniel Roberts who married Harriet ... ?. He was baptised on 9.12.1781 at St Philips and Jacob in Bristol (b. 1780 but age shown on the shipping lists in 1819/20 as 37) and died in Grahamstown, Cape on 14.11.1844 aged 64 years. He was also a cordwainer. Harriet was born in ca. 1782 (on shipping list as aged 33) and died in Grahamstown on 22.2.1845 aged 63 years.
3. Their children were:
c.1 *Daniel Roberts (on shipping lists aged 13) born ca. 1807 and he married Sarah ...? in about 1741.
c.2. *Samuel Roberts (on shipping lists aged 8) born ca. 1812
c.3.Mary Ann Roberts (on shipping lists aged 15) born ca. 1805 and she was married to Thomas Hermanus West of Grahamstown on 15th November, 1853 at the Commemoration Chapel by Rev William Shaw. Their daughters were Susannah and Mary Ann West and the latter married George Barnes on 15.11.1853 in Grahamstown. At that time he was 40 and she was 22, but he was born ca. 1815 in Northampton according to a record compiled by his grandson who wrote 'on 1st November, 1837, two days after his twenty-second birthday, grandfather, then a young clerk in Northampton, enlisted in the army, served as a sergeant in the 90th Regiment ?.' She was born ca. 1831 and their banns were read out at Lessyton and Queenstown. He became an auctioneer in Queenstown in about 1857 and died on 24.5.1888 at Arnos Vale.

Note: The full account and the letter from Eustace S. Barnes grandfather, George Barnes, to his future bride is recorded under the Warner Family WF3, giving insights into the Roberts family and where reference is made to George Barnes meeting with Mrs Warner in Queenstown, Cape. See under section W3/4.[3][4] Joseph Cox Warner married Matilda Stanford.