Richard Freemantle's* marriage to Patience Ford* was witnessed by William Bear, the service being taken by the Rev. William Geary and it was held and recorded in the Baptist Church in Grahamstown. Patience Ford* was the daughter of Edward* and Jane Ford*, her father being the head of Ford's party, from Wiltshire, who travelled out on the 'Weymouth'.  She was born in 1806 or 1807 and came of a family of four children, two brothers, James* (born1803) and John* (born 1804) and a younger sister, Elizabeth* (born 1809).  Later Elizabeth* married John Willden*
On arrival in Albany, the Ford party was moved three times before their location was settled.  It lay across the river from Mahoney's location.
[Perhaps Richard went there seeking work after being discharged from Mahoney's party]
The Ford family, who knew nothing of agriculture, moved to Grahamstown in 1827 and opened a bakery there on 31.8.1832.  Patience Ford* was only 16 or 17 at the time of her marriage.  In November, 1824 Richard* was working as a wagon-maker in Grahamstown and on 4.6.1824 attended the marriage of John Ford*, son of Edward Ford* to Anna*, daughter of John* and Mary Kirkman* [of Smith's party on the 'Stentor'].  Then, on 13.12.1824 he was licensed to trade at the Fort Willshire Fairs.  The following year, on 24.9.1825, 'he engaged to employ 2 immigrants'.
When his wife, Patience was about 21 years of age, she gave birth to their first (and only) child, a son called William, [See the section (F2/3.[2][3]] who was born on 10th November, 1827.  His baptism was registered at the Baptist Church in Grahamstown - entry No: 8 - in the baptismal register of this church.  The Ford family were members of the Baptist church.
Patience Freemantle nee Ford* died on 16th February, 1828 in Grahamstown at the age of 22 (when baby William was only three months old).  She was buried from the Baptist Church there.