F2/ 4.[3][6] James Albert Freemantle = Clara Agnes Miles.
                   (1861 - 1917)                       (1861 - 1930)
James Albert (Jimmy) Freemantle was the fifth child and third son of William R. (Richard?) Freemantle and Phillis Freemantle nee Pitt.   He was born in Burgersdorp on 10.6.1861 and was baptised at the Methodist Church there, at the same ceremony as his younger sister, Alice Jane Freemantle, on 29.12.1862.  (She was born on 28.11.1862 and died young, but it is not known at what age.)
It is not certain whether his parents moved to 'Kleinfontein' before his birth, but among papers kept by Mrs. Gwen Gemmel at 'Broughton' Molteno the note read, 'My Grandfather Freemantle [i.e. William Freemantle] lived at 'Kleinfontein' (near Dengler's Place) with 2 grown-up sons, William and Jack, and born later James there.' So it is almost certain he would have spent his childhood at 'Kleinfontein'.
He may well have attended school in Burgersdorp as his brother, William, did at the Albert Academy but this, too, is not known for certain.
He became a bookkeeper and his first wife was Jessica Annie Jones, born in May, 1868.  The date of their marriage has not been traced; they were probably married in Burgersdorp but this, too, is not confirmed, because on 5.10.1889 she died in Doornfontein, Johannesburg, aged 21 years and 5 months, at the birth of their first child, who also apparently did not survive.
James Albert Freemantle married, for the second time, on 14.4.1897 Clara Agnes Miles, who was born on 16.8.1861 and they had only one child, a daughter called
F2/5.[6][A] Carine Freemantle.  She was born on 17.3.1898 in Dordrecht.
When Jimmy (James Albert) Freemantle died in Dordrecht 0n 30.9.1917, his widow and daughter remained on, living in that town and on 20.7.1921, Carine Freemantle married Eric Ivan Larter, who was born on 30.5.1894 and he married (2nd) Harriet Elizabeth Brown.  He had three children all born in Molteno.
Carine's mother, Clara Agnes Freemantle nee Miles died on 22.6.1930 and Carine herself died at 'Dalkeith', Molteno on 22.4.1944.  Her husband, Eric Ivan Larter continued living in that district (that is near Molteno) until well into the 1970's.
The children and grandchildren of Carine and Eric Ivan Larter were:
c.1 Denis Ivan Larter, born 17.1.1923 and died 29.12.1924;
c.2 Stanley Edgar Larter, bron 3.4.1925 and married in Queenstown June Penelope Morum.  They had four children:
(i)      Brian Denis Larter, born 8.8.1952;
(ii)    Eric Ross Larter, born 6.3.1954;
(iii)   Anthony John Larter, born 25.7.1956 and
(iv)  Leslie Bruce Larter, born 8.4.1959.
  c.3 Cecil Douglas Later, born 29.6.1927 in Molteno and  died there on 5.1.1937.